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Computer Repair Shops

Is difficult sometimes when we see our customers fight for any shop that manages to resolve the problems afflicting their computer’s desktop, server, laptop etc. In the majority of cases, they take their computers to any store thinking that you paying as much cheap in price they will get the best quality of service for that reason, I want to leave these steps to evaluate whether it is reliable or not leave our computer in the hands of any stranger. 1 Know that in 90% of cases the computers can be repaired without be formatted, no matter that they have viruses, corrupt records, or that performance of the machine is slow, can be REPAIRED without being formatted. 2. In the first step add you that to get a little more confidence in that store, ask technicians that perform these repairs if they guarantee the full BACKING of his information, UD won’t find the bitter surprise that when your computer is ready, does not possess their photos of those pleasant trips to hiso with its family of all the music that you have downloaded, all documents and emails 3. Get obligatormiante delivered a report before lelvar out repairs which were found faults and their causes, you know appreciate this fashion shop that it provide that information. 4.

Ask that they delivered a report with updates installed, antivirus installed and recovered backup. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nicolas Keller and gain more knowledge.. Don’t want you back to the shop that turned him to damage the equipment. In the majority of these computer repair shops, simply reinstalled the system operating placed its information and ready, it is necessary to have the computer always updated with the latest patches from the operating system, compulsory an Antivirus and strictly necessary a backup program. 5. Lastly if that store appreciates what you as a customer ask if they can give you a basic PC care guide to avoid that it prompted again damage. This is all basically, in my next articles I’ll be explaining how to maintain your computer optimally on a recurring basis thus prolonging the life of these.