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Construction Flooring Apartment

Construction of floors in residential apartments. When the topic dealt with repairing the floor, usually raises two questions about how and what to do and what better tie to lay on the floor. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. When the choice is made on what will be laying the floor Knauf and laminate there is another question, how long or how much you can do half full or in part on the rooms in the apartment. So, strap Knauf can do as a whole throughout the apartment and in part on the rooms. The average room of 15 to 22 m2 done for one – two days in view of the dismantling of the old floor, delivery of material, lifting and mounting flanges with a laminate. From this you can calculate how much time will be given the floor in your apartment. On the floor of the tie Knauf can be placed on a variety of floor coverings such as laminate, parquet, floor tiles, carpeting and keramogranit.linoleum. Laying laminate or parquet board to put under the floor substrate thickness of 2-3 mm.Eto made for additional sound insulation floor.

Before laying linoleum and carpet to all seams proshpaklevat special putty that in the future, these sutures were not visible shrinkage Material polov.Pod parquet floor and an array, you need to make an extra layer of plywood which is glued and screwed and secured your wooden floor pokrytie.Teply floor has also been successfully placed on a dry coupler. It is better to use floor heating coils. If you live in the capital, on this site to repair the floor you can order services for installation, plus ties Knauf laying laminate flooring. Website designer, it did the repairman floor and on it you will find a lot of materials on resettlement floor in your apartment.

Custom Kitchens

Kitchen Accessories sets usually consist of a cabinet under the sink, two-, three wall cabinets to store dishes and several cabinets for kitchen with drawers and hinged doors. The main feature of the kitchen in order is here that the customer can give free rein to their imagination and creative expression. Custom Kitchens can be made in any style, from all your favorite classics and ending with modernity, in any color and texture. This the kitchen is not just a "tailored" to precise standards, it reflects the taste of the landlord, perfectly harmonizing with the overall interior of the apartment. In addition, the kitchen-to-order allows you to use all the corners and niches, which at first glance seemed a little functional.

There was a misconception that the kitchen in order – that is the lot of the elect, who can afford a custom layout and original furniture in the spacious kitchen. On Indeed, the kitchen on the individual measurements in a small space is not less important than the furniture with their hands. After all, it is important for a small kitchen to save precious every inch of space using its efficiently and employing a niche under the bar or flip the tabletop. Kitchen in order to avoid the unpleasant nuances of small, often appearing in the purchase of finished dishes, such as interfering with the window sill, which is not can be nominated boxes, pipe, which does not give fully open the door and many other minor errors. Stop if you opt for the finished kitchen or kitchen give preference to order, the main thing to remember – do not cost savings on materials and then kitchen for many years will delight you comfort and reliable service.

Humidity and Appliances

When buying, check humidity Electrical appliance. Ponyatie'100% drevesiny'-array means that all products made of natural wood create one, and not a single piece of s (trunk) tree. Only live, nesrublennoe tree can save the integrity and strength of the structure drevesiny.Vysushennaya, dehydrated wood changes its linear dimensions, and in different areas vary in size hildren differently, shrinkage around the circumference of the trunk is always larger than across volokon.K Unfortunately wood during drying is not always as malleable, as might be desired, and if updated by etih size than the allowable elastic deformation, the wood breaks (cracks). It is especially difficult to work with an array of tvekrdolistvennyh rocks, because IF defformatsiya mala.Osyudasleduet What if we want to imetobemnoe (large) product of 100% solid wood without cracks and without vnutrennihnapryazheny, we must stick together in relatively small pieces (blades). The finer the lamellae of which are glued solid wood, the safer parts of izdelie.Odnako become very melkihlameley simply colorful, that is suitable for nesuschmh parts, but bad for the stages and sizes stolbov.Optimalnye laneley, their cross-section and length depend on the specific design high reliability conditions.In order lamellae, spetsalno oriented, pick up within each izdeliya.Vysokoe quality skleevaemogo array not only provides for the selection of blades viduraspila and color, but the humidity drevesiny.Esli Connections slats in the product had significantly razlischayuschyuyu humidity, they are, respectively, give different strain after the final drying of the product pattern during ekspluatatsii.Ot etogo may suffer appearance already lacquered surface, obtained so nazyvaemye'stupenki 'between lanelyami. High-quality glue to rocks massivtverdyh Specials devices Wymah pressah.Kachestvo and gluing depends on the humidity of wood bonding, bonding temperature harvesting, temperature, quality of glue, compression force and holding time. Only by adhering to all etih technological environment provides a stable and good rezultat.Sovremenye glues give very good at breaking rezultat.Ispytaniya hardwood samples show that the strength of the adhesive layer is higher than the strength of the bonding strength drevesiny.Opyt shows that the adhesive layer is made from a stitch on (smooth fugu) or (miniship) not placed on the (show), which is sometimes at the ends kasaurov.Odnako time to glue a length of blades used technology (Hoffman), in which connections to use return part of cutting out plastmassy.Pri Kosourov hildren Plastic inserts are sometimes caught in the most conspicuous place lestnitsy.Ochen company soon abandoned this dock slats and returned to the traditional (minishipov).

Patching Road Surfacing

Patching of the roadway has several advantages: first patching can be done quickly, and secondly, patching does not require huge financial costs, and third, patching can be done without large amount of specialized equipment. Patching is mobile road-building crews. Patching is one of a kind of maintenance. Patching done in the When it is impossible device surface layer. Typically, asphalt patching in Russia are beginning to perform more often in the spring, although it is exceptional and the need for such repairs. Now we consider patching technology. In the first stage is cut on site repair and coating material is removed, then is laying asphalt mix, all the ends align and seal laid surface.

There are several ways of cutting at patching: – planer by cold or hot milling – pneumatic hammer obrubochnym – floor saws. Planers Planers removed damaged coatings at relatively low cost, have a wide range of applications. Planer can remove all sorts of wear and tear zone coverage, potholes and other defects in blacktop. Immediately after passing traffic is allowed to lay asphalt milling mixture. Floor saws good and relatively inexpensive substitute for road milling floor saws are considered floor saws easy road equipment. Used mainly for road construction and patching.

Floor saws are divided into light (100 kg) and heavy (over 100kg). Heavy floor saws are mainly used for cutting large cement concrete thicknesses (over 150). Light chasers (50 to 100 kg) during the patching of roads. When processing the external borders of the card using a jackhammer is pitting them further operation, which greatly reduces the life of the pavement. When using a jackhammer floor saws used only for the destruction and seizure within the map coverage. Removing the coating In the absence of a milling machine permitted to remove the coating material by hand. Practice shows that many secondary uses asphalt shot. In such cases, the sizes of pieces should not exceed 100h100h100 mm asphalt paving mixtures Fresh concrete overlay mixture is placed into the prepared card. Laying the mixture at patching done by hand. Alignment and seal coating sealing the laid asphalt laid cover with patching performed Plate compactors are in class and light equipment used mainly in areas inaccessible to rollers: around wells, in the narrow aisles, in the immediate proximity to the walls of buildings, patching and sealing the alignment of small card cover (1 to 2 square meters). There are lightweight (100 kg) and heavy (over 100kg) thickeners. . Heavy compactors are generally used for sealing soil, gravel and sand roads podsypku. Lightweight – for sealing small areas of asphalt coatings and for patching. Patching – the most important part of the operation of the road!

How To Prepare Land Before Construction

Site preparation prior to building. Preparatory work before the built-up area. Do you have a desire plot, a plot of land and funds for construction. Then proceed. First, you need to know what kind of house you want and do or by the designer to draw a house and set the dimensions of every detail in the flesh to the size of the steps on the porch (if you are planning out). Further possible to calculate precisely the cost of building materials and payment the work that you can not or do not want to do. To this value add another 25% it will cost you a rough construction costs. After this first work to be done before proceeding to the base unit, is to prepare the site.

Need to get rid of rubbish stored on your site. Pick up trash in one pile by hand (using a special tool or Off-Highway Applications), or polypropylene bags bring up the machine for garbage collection. After all the garbage is removed from the yard must be pre-drawn house plan to transfer land to remove the topsoil from the land location foundation and move it into the garden. The next step in the approach of your dreams in a beautiful home is in the lining of the site. It should get rid of hills, dips, if any, and other irregularities hinder the implementation of zadumnnogo.

Once done all the preparatory work should take delivery of the material for the construction of foundations, think about storage. You should not take more than you calculates to develop in the near future. Striotelny material tends to deteriorate rapidly. So take care of the storage conditions of that purchase and zavezete on the subject. Solutions must be stored under cover to few inches above the ground. Construction site VedBud

Drywall Partitions

When remodeling an apartment on the first question on the construction of new partitions. The best option here is the easy device of drywall partitions. The basis of the wall is frame made of metal or wooden beam profile, which is lined with gypsum sheets (FCL). The space between is filled with sound-absorbing material of GCR. The designs of the wooden frame consists of upper and lower trim, which is mounted between vertical supports. Between racks have cross bars that give the frame more rigid. They have either the same level, or stepped (For example, to mount paintings, lamps, etc.).

Door unit is located flush with the inner or outer surfaces of the structure. If the room has no windows, then arranged in the partition above the door or additional window, make the room brighter. The work should be performed as follows. Initially produce a measurement of space and layout. Careful planning and precise measurement of space largely determines the success of the work. The partition can be mounted "place" or "on the floor." All Ads YandeksDirekt Advertise Tension ceilings by proizvoditelyRossiya-Germany-France (seamless). 3 days! Cheaper is not found !!!!! marti-com.ru Moscow and Moscow region Making frame walls "in place" preferably in cases where the room has sloping walls, if you want to partition the corner, the shortage of space for pre-assembly frame on the floor. Alignment construction details, checking angles, some clarification of the size needed to constantly in the process of partitioning device.

The only way to accurately and precisely adjust to each other and details nodes of the framework. At first floor bar is attached to the waist, which should adhere to the plinth. If the construction of walls will be angled, set rack adjacent to the walls. After this, measure the distance to future construction of the angle to determine the length of the bars of the waist.