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Wing Chun In Tutaev

Despite the fact that many followers of the style of Wing Chun argue that it is very straightforward and simple martial art of Wing Chun Foshan contains almost no straight-line movements – all attack and defense are made in circular path, but many movements are very short and it seems straightness. Movement in this style is very fast, sharp and full of strength (Kang). Wing Chun was founded the famous monastery elders Shao Lin. Shao Lin monks worked to create a style of martial arts, which would have been able to resist all the other styles of their day. The problem faced by the monks during the uprising against the tyranny of China, was for them shocking: martial arts, which they studied, did not help them in battle. In fact, that the student became a master of kung fu, he is often required 15 to 40 years. This situation is due to the fact that in those days was more kung fu dance or gymnastics, rather than weapons.

Indeed, from the very beginning kung fu was created to maintain the health of monks so that they do not fall asleep during meditation. Kung Fu in its original form was not meant for fighting! Most of the time the monks performed a form (kata), more like a dance imitating the movements of animals. But as soon as the sergeant of the Order of Shao Lin was the need to raise an army against China, they needed a combat system, which could quickly learn how to maximize efficiency. Energy Capital Partners will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Sadly, no one martial art in those days did not fit into these two parameters. The monks soon realized that in order to create a really strong combat system they need incorporate all the principles and developments that they can understand the 2000 years of Kung Fu. They gathered the truth, all the principles to synthesize them into one system, called Kung Fu Wing Chun (Wing Chun Yong Chun Kuen).