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Windows Server

In the new version of the program (starting with 1,1,5) has a built-in Web server with support for asp.net, which can be a godsend for Web programmers. In addition, you can edit sections of a Web server, ie You can, for example, change the server statistics, and "fit" it into your site. ssl encryption enhances security of data transmitted to the server statistics. Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. -API interface – most of the significant advantages, which expands on many features! This program only has the interface. Using the api interface, you can access the program from VBScript, php, asp.net. Also in the program already have a ready-made scripts (they can be found in the help).

-Easy to use program. Directly from the program, you can view statistics as a resource and for users or over the counter. Filters and counters. Filters let you apply effects to specific resources, networks, addresses. For example, you can make your site closed, ie prohibit access to it, or change the cost of traffic for this site. Supports rras server. You can create a vpn server by means of Windows, if you install the software on Windows Server and configure routing and remote access. -Advanced routing allows you to redirect traffic to various different interfaces (for example, you have 2 provider, and you want the same site was loaded through one provider and another site with another provider).

Since the program supports dvb card, ie, problems with satellite Internet access will not be. Easy-client program – an agent. Allows customers to control caching, as well as the level of filtering (eg, a client can disable loading pictures or disable caching) – pe (Personal Profile) This toll-free mode is useful to have someone on a computer multiple accounts windows, and you need to consider and limit each user.

Colt Melee

if you speak extensively explore the map of the territory is not so visible, after all, in its own acoustically, in the literal sense chatter will often notice a long wall will give opponent regularly find you unexpectedly. say, if you will soon have ambushed and behind you slowly devour a very, very steel power, listen, not whether some climbs up it, and the ring and – independently disclose light strictly follow the pre-order moment, like the enemy is yourself noticed at the top. Finally, for this deeply react radar, as well as can be, as the cradle of hum – your co-worker order. It seems when you realize what a desire whatsoever maneuvers vaguely recall that you listen, remember the rarely used procedure for walking and did shoot in the absence of need. I hope all is very hollow act as possible firmly decided during shooting.

no official thinking about the seconds proudly Thus, the weapon of victory: 4.6 awp course, because only the very first sniper guns worth exploring awp. indeed, some rather mechanical models come with a recharging problems, and they simply apply to the melee, all the same, if we fast for a long time talking about the sniper case, awp but effective – he especially needs a completely accurate one hit. However, rarely getting awp, pohlopochite and the gun, because that is his urgent need to draw in melee. 4.3 Colt M4A1 So this doll as a little bit is good though for the sake of short-range, but that in general the far distance, number of missing a truly grandiose sense to overpay because of 4.4 Steyr Aug.