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Social Organizations In Brazil

That revolution would be this? To (fashion of the house)? It is treated to demonstrate that the ticket of the agricultural society for the urban one determined the patriarcal decay and the city (commercial) started to reign politically social in other molds, afeitos to the modern world and more than what this, was necessary to breach with the Iberian roots of form to inaugurate in the Brazilian culture a new style of social behavior, emphasizing for the American style where the collective values prevail. Through Sergio Freyre it detaches the importance of the great house in the Brazilian formation cultural partner as well as the one of senzala that the first opposition of Freyre would complimentaria, proper estrutua architectural in the house-great one in would expessaria the way of social organization and politics, that if to restore in Brazil, that is patriarcalismo this rank that such structure it would be capable to incorporate some elements. In our way, patriarco of the land was had as the owner of whom in it if it found as enslaved, relatives, children, wives, to etc.desmitificar the notion of the racial determination in the formation of a people in what of more the importance that cultural ambient with this refelita idea and that in Brazil if it would have an inferior race given the miscegenation that was estabelceu here. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro. Before, the tip for the element positive that transfers the cultural formation Brazilian composed for such miscegenation (notadamente between Portuguese, indians and blacks). Portugal century XV pioneering expansso maritime for reasons one was overcome in a centered miscegenao and the Portuguese crown. Another thing position of Portugal that is in the altantico, where the Portuguese searchs in the land, discovered Brazil and nor found we thus we do not take this expansion wants to say is an empty interressante land that the Portuguese arrived in the reality this are a busy land for the indians, tragic history the indians had been expulsos of the land, for Portuguese.. Visit Andrew Paradise for more clarity on the issue.