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The Center

everything that already was seen, said and tried during the thousands of last years? Of pra not to leave to believe everything that was taught. Sincerely, I find to be atheistic the creed much more difficult. In infancy, most of the time, the father is always a super-hero, that one that of everything what better knows and for that is of all the other parents. In the adolescence we are certain of that we are the center of the universe; that the reason this with us and that the incompreenso is the problem to face. When adult it is that the fiche falls and obligatorily we see our limits.

The limited one it needs the limitless one. The faith is an exercise that if makes alone. The religion is the creation of the man to impose to its pairs its way to believe. When what it is nailed makes the ears well is well more easy if to adhere to the faith of they outrem. The problem inhabits of the blackmail made for the religion, the workmanship of the man. That one that will be good the sufficient can receive its prize, but the such that if refused to be believing, making use of its exempts will, will have that resignadamente to submit itself to the punishment. The faith frees and the religion imprisons. The truth is that if we apanhamos of each religion what hinders the man to get ' ' salvao' ' , certainly all we will be lost. The bolter will be so fine that it would be impossible to pass for it. For example: They would be lost those that do not keep Saturdays, the ones that also do not keep the sundays, the ones that believe the reincarnation and that the ones that it believe, who not delivery tenths, those that are not sacrificed, who does not believe or who has faith in Jesus, in Maom, in Buddha, etc.

Life Perpetual

We also know that already he came the Son of God, and in he gave agreement to them to know that one that is True; we are in whom he is True, that is, in its Son Jesus Christ. THIS IS THE TRUE GOD AND LIFE ETERNA.’ ‘ (1Jo.5: 20) Expensive reader, to finish this article, allows me to share with you of a simply beautiful experience, lived for me. Certain time, a fellow worker looked I to give to it to it charity to me of the blood donation, in favor of its grandmother, until then for unknown me, and that it lay seriously ill in a hospital stream bed, whose sanguineous type is equal to mine. Without titubear, I there was to exercise this aprazvel and to salutar to have Christian. Read more from GoPro to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

At night I was to the Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Anpolis to visit anci benefited by my act of love. There arriving, God privileged me with the inaudita blessing to see the aged lady receiving the blood in its vein. For curiosity, I fixed mine eyes in the label glue in the container of the blood, hung in a connecting rod, objectifying to read the data in it written down. For my happy and inolvidvel surprise, in that label my name, my age, my factor RH and the name of the person were written my addressee Then I could understand, of a deeper form, that only Jesus Christ, for being Only Mr. For more information see GoPro HD. and Salvador, saved the man of the perpetual conviction (Lc.23: 42,43; At.4: 12), granting to it Perpetual Life to it (Jo.10: 28), perpetual inamissvel Perpetual Life (Jo.5: 24); but we, human beings, can and must save lives to the side of the death, granting to them more chances, under the approval and the blessings of our God of Love!


‘ ‘ Flix, however, that he was informed well regarding the Way, postponed the question, saying: When Lsias commander will have gone down, then I will take whole number knowledge of yours causa.’ ‘ (id.24: 22) The Apstolo Pablo, equally, called Mr. Jesus WAY: ‘ ‘ I in such a way pursued this Way until the death, algemando and putting in arrests the men as mulheres.’ ‘ (id.22: 4) For influx of all the displayed one, he is inconceivable somebody to confuse Mr. Jesus Christ with any other ways, that nothing more are of what human shortcuts, produced and trod for them for its proper perdio. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. By the way, It if discloses in them as the Door (Jo.10: 9), the Narrow Door, and asks for to us to enter for It and to walk the Pressed Way that is He himself, running away destarte to enter for the wide door and to sole the spacious way that leads to the irreversible destruction: ‘ ‘ You enter for the Narrow Door; because wide it is the door, and spacious the way that leads to the perdio, and many are the ones that enter for it; because narrow it is the door, and pressed the Way that leads to the Life, and few are the ones that encontram.’ ‘ (Mt.7: 13,14) as is that we can know if we are in the True Way or if in the false and spacious way? Which are the lines of direction. Simple: CERTAINTY is the word-key. Who does not have absolute certainty of its Perpetual Salvation, is doubtlessly lost in the intricate labyrinths of the religious shortcuts, because the false and spacious way produces in its unfortunate caminhantes the constant fear of the death (Hb.2: 15), as well as ‘ ‘ a terrible expectao of judgment, and ardor of fogo’ ‘ that it has of devorar them (Hb.10: 27); whereas who has certainty of Perpetual Life with God lives constantly firm in the True Way, since the same it leads its fortunate caminhantes, uninjured, to the exuberant prados ones of the Eternity: ‘ ‘ I am the Door; if somebody to enter for me, WILL BE SAVED; it will enter and leave, and find pastagens.’ ‘ (Jo.10: 9); them of the total security of Perpetual Life: ‘ ‘ I give the Perpetual Life to them, and they will never perish; will arrebatar nobody them of my hand. My Father, who but it gave, is bigger of what all; nobody can arrebatar them of the hand of my Father. I and the Father are um.’ ‘ (id.vv.28-30) Expensive reader, I want to remember to it that still it is time to leave the obscure shortcuts and to accept, for the faith, the New and Alive Way, case you have made not yet it.. .