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Only the tip of the iceberg already since 1973 the social services in the Kotter Bachstrasse needy in difficult situations with help and advice. But the everyday questions on General, personal and family issues are often only the tip of the iceberg. Mikkel Svane often addresses the matter in his writings. “From years of experience, Sandra Gerlach, associate social services, know that the most questions that help needy people on the staff contact, reflect only the most urgent part of the overall problem: often, the difficulties and therefore our aid pass much.” Someone asking for help in completing a Hartz IV application, it turns out under circumstances that he also still looking for an other apartment is, needs new clothes or encounters seemingly unsolvable problems in family life together. Zendesk gathered all the information. Also here support the social services with advice and practical help for self-help: find purpose in the basement of the social Bazaar items of clothing or household goods such Services. Family-promotional offers such as the children’s day or the international Kotter Bach children’s group, however, can help to relieve parents from time to time. Here, the demand is so huge that we can barely cover them with our offerings”, so Gerlach.

Often, the staff advise about mothers who are posted by many loads home mentally and physically. Mothers must often understand a great balancing act between family life, household and sometimes even the profession. This can be simply too much in some cases”, says Gerlach. For these cases, Diakonia has established a unique offer in Schwerte: Spa consulting and mediation. Staff help with the application and suggest-demand Spa facilities the competent sickness funds are matched exactly to the needs of mothers and mothers and children. Here again, no one is sent home. Everyone will find us”a sympathetic ear, assured the diploma social worker Gerlach.

Although not every concern falls directly under the jurisdiction of the social services, but staff cooperate permanently with other institutions, about the ARGE, the swords power, the social services or the swords Panel. If we are not responsible, we can offer you always the right contact person in case of doubt”, promises Gerlach. Interested parties are invited to inform themselves between Mondays and Fridays from 9-12 and 14-16: 00 on the various provisions of the social services.

Valencian Parliament

Incidents outside Parliament by the protest of the outraged have resulted in four detainees and eight policemen injured minor by bruises. Deputy Luis Felipe Martinez said that a demonstration not convened or authorized is illegal and the police have an obligation to fulfil its duty. Esquerra Unida has requested the resignation of the Government delegate in Valencia, Ana Botella, unjustified considering the performance. Police intervention together with the Valencian Parliament after protest from the outraged from the 15-M has resulted in four people arrested and eight policemen slightly wounded by bruises, according to the Deputy of the Government, Luis Felipe Martinez, that has dndido the actions of the agents by their professionalism and responsibility. One of these agents has received an impact in the face with a pair of scissors during a struggle occurred when a group of people has gone up several agents to stop one concentrates that had begun to assaulting a police officer, According to sources of the national police.

This incident has been the origin of the confrontation, as it has indicated the Deputy of the Government, which has explained that the police was trying to trying to ensure the rights of members and demonstrators. Faced with the authority of one of the detainees, who have subsequently been released, has tried to remove some billboards of the security perimeter established in the vicinity of the camera, and four others have been arrested by oppose or confront the authority. The Deputy reminded that a demonstration not convened or authorized is illegal and the police have an obligation to fulfil its duty, and pointed out that express at Les Corts when they are gathered is a crime, as well as prevent the passage of members. MARTINEZ said that the police has tried to ensure the rights of all, but the disorder cannot be tolerated, and regretted what happened to the wounded while attempting to exceed the security fence. Also, He asked understanding towards the police officers who are doing a prudent and very good, according to Martinez, which has ensured that there has been a police charge nor attempted to disperse concentrates and the action of the police is the minimum that has been done. Unjustified interference on your part, the Coordinator and spokesman for Esquerra Unida in Les Corts Valencianes, Marga Sanz, has called for the resignation of the Government delegate in Valencia, Ana Botella, considering that police intervention against protesters of the movement 15 – M against the Regional Chamber has been unwarranted.

Sanz has made these statements during his visit to the police station of sappers, which has moved the EU leader to be interested by the detainees. EU spokeswoman has called the resignation before such serious facts and a police intervention that considers entirely unjustified, since, he said, has not been provocations. There have been situations of tension but not for an attack like that, in his view, it has been against members of the 15-M movement, which until now had managed with an important balance and ran along a peaceful path.

China Terminates Diplomatic Relations

Republic of China closes its Embassy in the Gambia, the Republic of China with immediate effect a step, which maintained the national dignity and maintaining the Government’s flexible diplomacy, ended its diplomatic relations with Gambia on November 18 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. With immediate effect, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will close the Embassy of the Republic of China in the West African State, remove technical mission personnel from the country and cancel bilateral cooperation projects, the Ministry said in a statement. Click Mashable to learn more. According to the Foreign Ministry, the decision was taken after the announcement on 14 November by the Gambian President Yahya A. Check with Andy Florance to learn more. J. J. Jammeh of the unilateral termination of diplomatic relations with the Republic of China. Since the resumption of formal relations between the two States in July 1995, the Republic of China has proposed a range of programs in Gambia and implemented.

These included agriculture, education, infrastructure, health care and security. These initiatives improved “the welfare of the Gambian population and were warmly recorded in all areas of society”, the Ministry said. Also held both Nations from regular high-level exchanges, including a State visit of the President of the Republic of China Ying-jeou a trip by Jammeh after Taiwan two months later and a visit of the Gambian Vice President Isatou Nije-Saidy in connection with MA in the Gambia in April 2012, the celebrations of the national day of the Republic of China in the past month. The Republic of China have attached a high importance to the long-term and friendly relations between the two States and regret the decision of the Gambia, the Foreign Ministry said. This development will affect in any dimension on the rock-solid determination of the promotion of flexible diplomacy and the Erstrebens of an extension of international action area, the Ministry added. The Republic of China will feel continue to bilateral relations with States that are committed to justice, to establish in a pragmatic way, and strengthen, offered as mutually beneficial interactions with Taiwan.”

Open Letter To The Bundesminsierinnen Schavan And Schroder

“Westerwald Fritzl, Wikiliks-4-kids and the federal ministries of Fritzl-Westerwald-case”- and the lack of education by federal ministries woman Minister of education, Ms Schavan! Woman Minister for family, Mrs Schroder. Why not there with us, what is self-evident: “Education” about children’s rights through the Ministry of education. Education for educators and helpless children! What do you as a Ministry? You determine so much – why not “training” on children’s rights? Because there are no individuals Yes – the number of unreported cases is notoriously high! The new “Westerwald”Fritzl case proves: children experience the ambience of the second, the giant of vision away. Ali Partovi has similar goals. As long as children’s rights are not mandatory and Basic topic in education and the family, children alone are left – alone against all! Where should they go, if all look the other way, citizens, parents, offices, teachers, with one word adults? Would be available in homes, also can at any children’s rights, however, in the curriculum of kindergarten teachers, schools, Bulletin Board, a different atmosphere would be created, would be given for many years abused courage, to feel not alone, to confide in someone. Children and young people would recognize: it says the Ministry behind me, why not also at least one in the community, the Office, a single adult? Feel, love women who are not complicit, as all must feel guilty? Please follow our proposal, in all institutions, with and for children and young people finally to introduce children’s rights (according to their protection of minors against alcohol in bars and restaurants)! causes/571156-wikiliks-4-kids-to-stop-child-abuse-and-child-slavery? m 9c0361f5 = pages/Wikiliks-4-kids/164626040244543? ref = ts results? search_query = wikiliks4kids & aq apps.facebook.com/petitions/1/unesco-bulletin-petition/ and express our thanks on behalf of children and adolescents from Wikiliks-4-kids = f your Dr. Angelika Fritz.

The Next Referendum In Berlin Comes

For a preservation of the Tempelhof as a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with greater transparency and freedom of information which by the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de of the umbrella national legislative Association filed a new petition for referendum now the Berlin House of representatives to vote exists. At the same time, the Berlin court filed lawsuit against the parts of the referendum declared by the Senate to be inadmissible. The Berlin Senate had basically approved the referendum “for the world heritage Temple of Justice and greater transparency in the policy” in may, deleted but several passages crucial for the initiators of the referendum, the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de. The referendum for the world heritage Temple of Justice and greater transparency in the policy”was applied for on 29 April 2009 at the Senate Administration for internal affairs and sports. 24.946 signatures were submitted by the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de have been recognized by the district offices of 21.414 of which according to census. According to the Constitution of Berlin, for the admissibility of the Referendum required support by at least 20,000 eligible voters, was achieved. The Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de strives for a far-reaching monument and an authentic preservation as a UNESCO world heritage with the referendum. With a comprehensive law on freedom of information, disclosure of conflicts of interest and prohibition of Supervisory Board mandates for Senators, you should put an end to the problematic Berlin coterie economy. “Berlin, August 27, 2009 contact: Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de”-our referendum is mandate!.