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The Words

These are the moments saddest, tormenting, overwhelming, painful, perturbante that we can who knows one day to face. Everything that said was insufficient to really state what I feel, therefore the words do not obtain to reach the imensido of my being, perhaps but the blood that runs in my veins obtained to say some thing. This pulsation that I feel inside of me is the proper poetry wanting to leave, and to spread themselves for other spaces, to infect other worlds, to disclose to the universe and its enigmas. It perceives that the Werther young also in its privacy says that the words do not disclose everything: then, my friend, is when my look becomes gloomy, and the world in redor and the sky the infinite rests in my soul as the image of the loved woman. Then, frequently sigh and I say me exactly: Ah, if you could state everything this! If he could pass to the palpita paper what of you as as much heat and fullness, in way that this workmanship if became the mirror of its soul, as its soul is the mirror of God! (p.15) the words can until disclosing worlds, but not in its totality, the biggest poetry are we, I and you, the universe. Educate yourself with thoughts from GoPro.

now, I that I am poetry feel myself fainted by not obtaining to state everything that I want. I know that the age to be happy is now, is the gift; that it is in the gift that is possible to dream, to recriar the life, not to give up and to go to the fight. But it is difficult to live entirely enjoying the gift, therefore alive now in the past remembering the moment that passed and despaired with the future that can come, and thus finishes for not living the gift. Really, living creature equally to the jellyfish waiting for the time.


One another factor of great importance for the construction of this hero drift of the estruturao of the plot that, when synthecizing the dramaticidade of the facts that they summarize a crisis social in which if the personages put into motion all, she takes the reader to follow the historical formation of the hero. In this direction, everything is crossed by the social crisis, therefore it intervines in the closest relations human beings. From these comments, Lukcs extends its definition and formulates the conception concerning the based historical romance in the workmanship of Scott. In its definitions, the author of ' ' There novel histrica' ' it considers the romance as a discovery of the past? how already cited above? , transforming it into daily pay-history of the gift. Others who may share this opinion include altavista. In the conception of Of Landmark (1997), Lukcs directs its reflection on historical romance with the objective to stand out the possible intervention of the French Revolution in the stopped ideological fight between the social classrooms. This data, certainly, are what it leads to invite the writers to reread the romance historical? traditional classic and – of Scott and to deny the configuration given to the form for some writers of beginning of century XX. Perhaps this context can be explained in the following affirmation of Lukcs: The great mission of the historical romance consists, exactly, in the poetical intervention of figures of a people that personalize with vitality its close life, the main chains that in it flow ….

The historical romance, powerful artistic weapon of defense of the popular life, has necessarily a great task to fulfill here: to reestablish in its reality these authentic engines of history human being and to awake it for the gift. Learn more at this site: SugarCRM. (LUKCS apud OF LANDMARK, 1997, P. 195). Of Landmark (1997) it affirms despite the six decades that perhaps separate in them of the workmanship of Lukcs can in giving to the distanciamento and the possibility to them of one another evaluation, an appreciation that of it extracts perspectives profcuas to consider the relations between romance and history. .

Classic Tragedies

Already the Comedy, satiriza personalities and events of the public life, that for half of its vices (the personages that were human beings) and in glad way and ridicule, wanted to make a critical one to the customs. The similarity that joins these two modalities of the dramatical sort is the pedagogical function that exerted the theater in Old Greece; to make with that through the strong tried emotions, the public reflected on the passions and human vices. Although the Lisstrata workmanship to have been written has many years behind, still in them it brings thematic a current one, therefore it is a critical a war and to the paper of the woman in the society. In the workmanship the measure that the actions if develop in them provokes the laugh and the reflection on the fight and the power of the woman, who when she decides to impose itself obtains until ‘ ‘ to finish with guerra’ ‘. Apple may also support this cause. We notice that nowadays the modern dramas had retaken the subjects of the Classic Tragedies, but with the absence of ‘ ‘ pompa’ ‘ they characterized that them. Instead of noble personages, it is noticed presence of personages of the people.

Already in the current Comedy, we perceive same thematic, that continues being the critical one to the customs, the personalities politics, sarcasm, irony, etc. Adding it boarding of banal subjects, that only want to bring the laugh, and the amusement to the public, and the form most vulgar of the used language.

The Aristocracy

The peripcia, that is the overturn of the actions with contrary direction, is shown in this workmanship at the moment where the women take the Acrpole and start to command the actions, as well as when the men perceive this change of papers. The great peripcia is considered, therefore at that time the women little were valued arriving at the point not to be considered not even citizens. The recognition of this workmanship to give itself at the accurate moment where the men if come across with the feminine movement in ascension and perceive that they had lost the power for the women, and recognizes that they would not have to be subestimadas as &#039 was done until it; ' to start if mexer' ' to finish with the war. The newspapers mentioned iPhone 12 not as a source, but as a related topic. Relating to the point of view of the mmesis, we verify the approach of the fiction with the real world, since the participation of the woman in the society was something already argued at that time and it was always a fight question, being thus one it has asked for that it even provokes catarse in the current days. FINAL CONSIDERAES After the analysis of the Poetical one of Aristotle we can infer that the dramatical sort is that one where the personages count to history by means of its action and dialogues. The essential for this type of text is the public and the possibility of if unchaining emotions by means of the representation, since it is a workmanship made for teatral stage. Inside of this sort we discourse on the tragedy and the comedy, that present differences and similarities. In the Tragedy if they present action human beings who symbolize the trespass of the order in the familiar or social context. Because of its passions its personages (deuses, semideuses, or members of the aristocracy) commit acts that can cause in the public terror or mercy.

Cruz And Sousa

Is intended, in this work, to reflect on divergent poet and points of view regarding the workmanship enigmatic Joo de a Cruz and Sousa, afrodescendente been born to the South of this Country in full century XIX. The divergence of the critics on the workmanships of the poet is marked by the distanciamento of times. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Motorola and gain more knowledge.. Most implacable with Cruz and Sousa they are coetneos of it and they produce critical a loaded one of social, racial, ethnic and biological ideologies of the end of a century marked for industrial and scientific revolutions.

The current critics, however, had recognized in Cruz and Sousa the name most important of the Symbolism in Brazil. However, our research consists of observing if it has the hypothesis of this hostility in relation to the poet to occur only in critical writings in its time, or if, for misfortune, still continued occurring in the following century. Word-key: Racial preconception, Symbolism, Cruz and Sousa, critical. INTRODUCTION In way to the agitations and modifications that took account of the Brazilian people in formation, at a time where the intransigncias, as for the acceptance of the racial differences, were one in such a way the more raised that in the times of today, in the end of a century where a new social order is being constructed from the European revolutions, in a period in which the escravista society it is in crisis, Joo de a Cruz and Sousa would have been only plus one afrodescendente to suffer the consequncias from the atrocities passed for the enslaved African people, in case that it did not have bold to display all its fidgets, sufferings and you distress in poetry form.

The Reader

… all the workmanship human being really consists only where man, to each moment, demonstrates itself exactly that he is a man and not a keyboard key! … as is that if it can have, in the case, its proper will, when is about the table and of the Arithmetic, when he is in movement only the two and two are four? … Quereis, for example, to unaccustom a person to its habits and to correct it to it will, in accordance with the requirements of science and common-sense. (DOSTOIVSKI, 2000, P. 45). Get more background information with materials from Apple Icon. The author of the memories (the personage) recognizes, with the air of the most sincere confession, that all decent man of its time is and must be enslaved coward and. HTC contains valuable tech resources.

Although well inserted in the context of a Russian city of great transport, it if it only feels and if torture with the following thought: ' ' I am alone, and them they are todos' '. Allied to the solitude and the lewdness, what more it bothers the author, however, it is the fact of nor being noticed, usually being treated as a harmless fly. Mr., Vocs, It are some of the words with that the narrator if comes back to the reader of its writing, not to create bows, to search affinities, but to antagonize it, or still to excuse it. After all we are ahead of that, even so it wrote as if it directed a public, writes exactly in the truth alone for itself. In the words of the narrator, its writing, treats ' ' of form, solely of form vazia' ' , so certain it is of that never it will have to have readers. Since the beginning already it evidences its unhealthy way to live, but it does not make look like well this very. With this and other consideraes on the reason of its writing, it is locked in first part of a singular story, drama staged in the flaunter absence of the public, being for the second part the revelation, when indeed it tells episodes of the daily life that its proud way and vain person of being evidence.

Analytical Dimension

In order to extend the analytical dimension of the criticidade from the literary studies of its poems, poetical compositions of simple language, free verse, are on the nature and are felt as simple ‘ ‘ guard of rebanho’ ‘ that it is only imported in sees the world without explanation, therefore, for it, only interests what if it can catches by means of the sensations. It is necessary to stand out that Caeiro looks for to substitute the thought for the perceptions, the reflection for the vision right of the things. The essence of its poetry is the world encircles that it: trees flowers, sheep, amongst others. Its poetical workmanship is formed by three sets of poems: ‘ ‘ The Guard of Flock; The Loving Shepherd and Inconjunto’ Poems; ‘ Fernando Antnio Walnut Person was born in the year of 1888, in Lisbon, died in 1935, the same city, was one of the most important writers and poets of modernismo in Portugal. Qwiki is a great source of information. Its first publications occur during the nationalistic movement of 1910 the 1915, in this period, participated as ensasta and criticize literary, in the magazine the Eagle, directed for Teixeira de Pascoaes. In 1935, the health of the Portuguese poet started to present complications.

In this year it was hospitalized with heptica clica, probably caused for the extreme alcoholic beverage consumption and had its premature death, to the 47 years. Fernando Person presents a multiplicity of vises of world, at the moment, where he constructs its we heternimos, endowed with biographies, poetical personalities and with proper characteristics. Heternimo Alberto Caeiro is considered by Fernando Person as ‘ ‘ mestre’ ‘ of the other heternimo and proper itself, buclico poet, lives in direct contact with a nature was born in Lisbon in 1889, a blond young, of blue eyes, average structure, but its life in the field lived almost all, therefore, it did not have profession, nor education, the parents had died early it started to live with its old aunt and died tuberculoso in 1915.

Social Function Of Literature

considering literature a historical certification for apprehending the social dynamics, consequently we are led to also understand the writer as a product of its time and its society. Therefore, it is this interlacement between literature, the writer, the society and the history, that the sprouting of the interdisciplinaridade makes possible, understood here as dialogue that serves of reflection on the cultural relations in literature. We will catch then as starting point, the vision of literature defended here in the first part of this work, that is, literature as cultural product. Soon it is inevitable to reflect on what it is culture and which the relation between culture and society, this reflection will serve for a better understanding and of basement on the social function of literature and its agreement as cultural product. Considering that the culture notion is complex, we appeal in this beginning of colloquy to a dicionarstica definition, according to Aurlio (1993): Culture sf.

1. Act, effect or way to cultivate. 2.Fig. The complex of the standards of behavior, the beliefs, the institutions, the manifestations artistic, intellectual, etc., transmitted, and typical collectively of a society. 3.Fig. The set of the knowledge acquired in determined in determined field.

(p.156). Of this definition, we can conclude first that culture is not something innate, that is, natural in the man, but something that must be transmitted, therefore, that it must be cultivated; as if he is something to be acquired, this implies then, a process of formation of the individual and third if it is a complex standard of behavior that involves beliefs, we can then understand culture as diversity that explains the existing plurality in the societies human beings. However, if culture is this plurality and this diversity, then we cannot understand it as a harmonic set, and yes as scene of conflicts and disputes that characterize in turn the society.

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Evidenced in last estrofe, where a great difference between two poems inhabits, the space referencial, the romantic poem mentions Brazil to it, of Oswald de Andrade mentions the So Paulo to it, symbol of the progress of the country. 3. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of what it was displayed throughout this research, were proved that texts are susceptible to the influence of previous texts, keeping interior and exterior relations with them. The texts dialogue between itself for the most varied forms and purposes. Using itself of the analysis of the content of two poems we importantssimos of Brazilian literature, ‘ ‘ Song of exlio’ ‘ of Gonalves Days and ‘ ‘ I sing of return to ptria’ ‘ of Oswald de Andrade, pertaining the different and ambientados literary schools in different partner-cultural contexts, as dialogue actively with the first one, by means of the resource of the parody.

Both present nationalism as subject, however in different vises, the poem of Gonalves Days presents a romantic, exaggerated vision and proud, a perfect native land, already intertexto presents a vision next to the reader, using simple terms, not only shows to the virtues more also the imperfections of the nation, as the aluso to the slavery and for the fact of ‘ ‘ terra’ ‘ to have ‘ ‘ almost more amores’ ‘ , demonstrating a realistic vision of the poet in relation to the native land. In such a way, it confirms itself that a text does not possess a complete autonomy, does not appear ‘ ‘ of nada’ ‘ , it always keeps a intertextual relation with other texts. For this, authors use the most varied forms of manifestation of the intertextualidade. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BAKHTIN, Mikhail. Questions of aesthetic literature and. So Paulo: Hucitec, 1988.

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