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Several types of products exist to sell by Internet, but I will concentrate in those favourites by the enterprising cybernauts, having drained the margins would say that only there are two with greater demand, first own products (e-Book) and follow products to him of third parties, that are commercialized acquiring right of reventa or through famous system of affiliates. But in this occasion I will only make reference to first of the list, to your own product, ebook of the informative type, those that begin saying Like making tal o cual thing. Perhaps many differ and so I create, but attempt to be faithful to it, and I will say to you that to begin to see gains you only need a single product, the yours own one, with time will come other alternatives, but so far concntrate in your manual, your own elaboration. In order to begin you have two alternatives like subject of your manual, first to detect a market niche or objective public, (so that you understand, is only a part or segment of all the market), that has certain problem or necessity, and to soon create a product or service that will solve to that problem or necessity. And the second option has to do with what you it makes special and differentiates to you from the others, particular qualities that your you have and another no, pregntate in which you are good, that things you can make better than others, how the people would benefit with whom your you know to do. You could help as them to they make that it by they themselves, so that is what the great majority tries, do something by they themselves, you would be surprised when seeing the amount of individuals that look for in Internet like doing something in particular, they investigate until the fatigue, methods and ways, like producing by they themselves what of another way it would cost too much money and time to them, and in these cases of getting to learn the ability that your you will teach to him, that really will save that time and that money to him, and that is indeed what I do with you through my page.