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Change Your Website To Another Server

Sometimes webmasters may choose to move a website totally or partially to a new location. For example, you can move the contents of a subdirectory to a subdomain or a totally new domain. Speaking candidly Genetec ALPR calculator told us the story. Change the location of your content may be a little heavy, but it is worth doing it correctly. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kai-Fu Lee. To make search engines better understand the structure of your new site and make it easier to use for users, follow these guidelines: 301 redirects, it is important that you redirijas to all users and all the bots that visit the previous location of your content to the new location with 301 redirects. To make clearer the relationship between both locations, make sure that all the old URLs directed to a new URL that is hosting a similar content. If you can not use 301 redirects, you can use canonical domain crossed for search engines and display a message to users to inform them and directing them to the new location of the content. Don’t forget to check both the previous and the new location in the same Google Webmaster Tools account. Verifies that Googlebot can crawl your new location with the scan as Googlebot feature.

It is important that Google can access your content at the new location. In addition, make sure that previous URLs are not blocked by a robots.txt Disallow directive, so that it is possible to find the redirect or the rel = canonical. If you’re going to move your content to a domain or to a completely new host name, inform us of the change through the change of direction in the information section of the site in Google Webmaster Tools. Let us know if you are going to move your content through Google Webmaster tools if you have also changed the structure of the site’s URL, make sure that it is possible to move around the site without appearing error 404 pages. Google Webmaster tools can be useful when investigating possible broken links. Select Diagnostics > crawl errors to check possible errors in your new site.

Check that your sitemap is updated. Once you’ve set up 301 redirects, you can control your 404 error pages to verify that be redirected to all users to the new pages and avoid that they end up by mistake in broken URLs. When a user ends in an error 404 on your site page, you try to identify what URL were trying to access, why this user not is has been redirected to the new location of your content, and then makes the appropriate changes to your 301 redirection rules. Take a look at the links section to your site in Google Webmaster tools and reports the new location to the most important sites that have access to your content. As a general rule, try to avoid having two trackable sites with identical or very similar content without a 301 redirection or without specifying a rel = canonical. If the content of your site is specific to a region in particular c, you can also check your preferences of orientation geographical structure of your new site in Google Webmaster Tools. Finally, we recommend that not you implementes other important changes in web design when you’re moving your content to the new location, as the content on a large scale, the URL structure or navigation updates. If you change too much at once, you can confuse users and to search engines.

Unique Content

Let us now discuss the most important topic for the promotion of the site is now online huge quantity of information, all of its sites abound, but why is it that some are in the top (top Yandex, for example), and others where it is 20 or 30 pages? I will not consider the factor of promotion, which invested a lot of money. So you made a site, write code or set it to what the thread free engine, in general you should be ready, with only his untwist. I say if you're already a website drove into directories, search engines are added, now you need to fill the site with information. Now find the information very easy, for instance, to tear off with a thread of the site and shove on his own. This called. kopipasta from England. Words Copy / Paste, which in Russian sounds Copy / Paste. All of this would be good, a lot of disk imaging, take it where you want, but there is great nuance.

The fact that your young project will not be able to get out due to this because same infa have on so many sites that have at least what the ratings are, therefore, for the same query in the search engines will display the site, which has the most significant rating, and so on down the decrease. And as much as they have your site only just begun to breathe, so to speak breathed carbon monoxide the Internet, then he will simply be on the most recent pages, and it can not be at all. Unique content, this is something which does not exist on other sites.

Network Of The Future With VDSL ?

The abbreviation VDSL stands for very high speed digital subscriber line and in fact is what the rapid development of networks is mainly speed. Data rates of 25 Mbit / s, and later even 50 Mbit / s, are announced for VDSL. In practice this reduces the German Telekom, the length of copper wire to the end customer, as physically simple rule: the longer the copper cable, the lower the amount of data that can be transported. This occurs mainly by the distance from the central distribution station to the local distribution (the ugly gray boxes on the roadside) is now bridged by new fiber optic cable and the signal transducer (so-called DSLAMs), which interpret between copper wire and fiber optic cable, now from the central distribution station in The local distribution wander. If the distance from the local distribution to the consumer not the 300m mark to the announced speeds are respected. So far so good. Despite the tremendous effort, and the no less impressive investment more than three billion euros will not silence the crowd of doubters on VDSL project simple. Why? VDSL is a hybrid technology that combines fiber optic and copper with great effort.

The disadvantages of the copper cable, such as crosstalk, influence them in the parallel data streams of several participants are negative, still remain. The amounts are capped at the top and it can still not all the participants (only about 40-60% are connected). There is also a technique (DSM-dynamic spectrum management), improved by the modulation method and a different encoding up to 100Mbit / s could be realized without new cable infrastructure. Only a rogue would get there no doubt. In addition, say experts estimate that the complete development of a pure fiber network is not up to the end customers would be more expensive than the current plans.

This pure fiber-optic network that would be the future, thanks to the potential for short passive optical fiber technology (GPON gigabit-passive optical network) active even without the previously required amplifier and therefore could do to maintain all the alternatives proposed. VDSL is not only technically interesting but also economically. The German Telekom plans to use its new fast network like on their own and competitors locked out. What a blessing functioning market structures and sufficient competition for us to have customers demonstrates the unique price after the market liberalization, the end of the nineties. All the more incomprehensible is the buckling of the Federal Government of Deutsche Telekom, the monopoly in the future VDSL network. The amendment to the Telecommunications Act by a vote of the grand coalition, known as “lex Telekom”, which is preventing access of competitors for years, will come at us so dear.

Network Marketing

It is not possible to refer to the Network Marketing industry without naming the company Herbalife, one of the heavyweights of this MLM industry and with more prestige at the same time other all powerful as it is Amway. To understand what evidence Herbalife, should be noted for example, that in 2010 it obtained sales of USD 2.734 million, which has more than 2 million distributors in addition that is present in more than 80 countries. These statistics demonstrate how strong that is this company within the multi-level marketing industry. Learn more about this with Robotics expert . On the other hand, in 1986 he began trading on the stock exchange of New York (NYC). The founders in February 1980, in the city of Los Angeles, California, Mark Hughes founded Herbalife multilevel. If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi.

The dream come true of Mark Hughes, would be to share health and well-being to people through balanced nutrition, thus also grow the economic condition through a choice of business within the reach of everyone. The Herbalife products has eight different areas in which it has channelled its products which are completely natural. They are eight different areas towards which Herbalife has orientated its products which are completely natural. Your product star is related to weight control. It has another line of products focused to improve health through cellular nutrition with all kinds of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. A third range of products is profiled in nutrition for athletes, with which you can increase muscle fiber and physical performance. Also found the line for personal care that prevents aging of the skin, at the same time a line of fragrances, which employs a method known as Crown technology, and also the line dedicated to makeup, in the end, all women need.

The Plan of compensation the compensation plan is similar to Amway, stepped type or by rupture. In the era in which the two companies were founded that used to be the compensation plan that is customary. Herbalife pays 10 ways different distributors, of which I present the Basic 4:-direct sale: when a distributor enters into this company, receives from 25% up to 50% discount on the cost of sale to the public. -Sales to the largest: the company enables you to find other distributors and pay 25% of the sales of the equipment. -Royalty: Here would be achieved when residual income when distributors of your team are qualified as wholesalers. Herbalife pays 5% up to a third level of qualified wholesalers. -Production bonds: these bonds are repaid by the production of the wholesalers qualified from the first generation to infinity, and always and when reached some level of royalties:-when he begins to receive 1,000 USD royalty, a 2% bonus is paid. -When receiving royalties of $ 4,000 received in addition a bonus of 4%. -When royalties from 10,000 USD will receive a 6% bonus is paid. The author is a Networker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those persons wishing to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article you know Herbalife MLM and of course to other articles such as sponsorship 3.0 and the Marketing of attraction, in this direction.

Features Of The New Google Plus

The result of the new design of Google + is spectacular. Flexible and configurable interface almost at 100%, you can read the official announcement of the new Google + on its official blog.If you’re one of the more than 170 million people who have a Google account, you’re then interested continue reading. For those who do not they know well what is Google +, I’ll start doing a quick summary of Google +, because the truth is that there are still users with active account that does not use it because they simply don’t know they have it. Google + all-in-one in the last months there has been an increase of Google + users, and not necessarily by direct subscription. The update of the privacy policy of Google says that, form mandatory, all Google services are integrated into a single account. This means that Gmail, YouTube, Documents, Maps, Calendar, Blogger, Reader and of course Google +, in addition to a long list of applications have been affected.

In short, all accounts that you have associated with your Gmail email, in any of the Google’s service have been unified and have received a Google account +, therefore this account is considered to be an active user of Google +. Where other services are controlled. I don’t know if you have been clearer than before, but it is better to go for practical examples. Google + attractive and simple according to Google, this is the motto which describes the new Google +. If still you haven’t seen the video presentation, here you have it, it is not in Spanish but nor say anything that cannot be seen, in addition I will analyze it step by step: according to Google think that you’ll find it much easier to use and attractive view, but more importantly, you’re going to help accelerate our efforts to create a more beautiful and simple Google.

Banner Exchange

One of the most common and most important forms of advertising in online advertising is still the banner ads. Although this form of advertising in the future by other and new forms of advertising on the Internet partially replaced, their importance remains high and is from the area of online advertising is not indispensable. A special form of banner advertising banner exchange is dar. This form of advertising is particularly suited for webmasters who want to introduce on the one hand their own homepage, but have, on the other side does not have the financial resources to the cost of advertising for online advertising to bear. In this case, it offers a banner exchange, than to have to totally free to place an advertising banner. Banner exchange describes a mutual exchange of banner advertising between several web site providers. The free exchange of banner advertising is almost always offered as a free service of an advertising network. This network or banner exchange system called the key performs tasks in the banner exchange.

First, it has several Webmaster to a network together and the other is the operator of the technical system to enable the banner exchange is technically possible in general. This includes in particular the actual delivery of relevant banner impressions (banner views) for each of the partner sites and to ensure the counting of the faded banner views and clicks on these banners were carried banner advertising. These figures are not just as statistics and thus allow for the monitoring of advertising effectiveness (eg, using the click-through rates) is necessary, but also a fair exchange banners only.

Social Networking

Microsoft acquires social network Yammer for $ 1.2 billion. A few weeks ago he knew of the negotiations between Microsoft and the Internet company based in San Francisco. Similar to Facebook and with around five million users, Yammer bases its strategy on the formation of social networks private among the employees of many companies that use the network as a work tool. It’s a social network that works in a private and secure environment. Elitist where they exist, Yammer customers include about 80% of the companies in the Fortune 500 as Ford Motor list. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marc Mathieu. Nothing to do with their similar Facebook, Twitter or Google + (website design).

Another multibillion-dollar acquisition of Microsoft which adds to the Skype in 2011 for eight thousand five hundred million dollars. By then Microsoft acquired the company calls and video calls over the Internet, headquartered in Luxembourg, with a total of 170 million registered users. Yammer share documents and projects, are classified, labelled and reviewed content, forums are created from discussion, mini blogs, Wikis and all this with the information shared by users that necessarily have to be employees of any of the companies in the network (web Hosting). According to the company social network Yammer helps that employees will auto organize into teams, collaborate in decision-making and be more productive and successful. Perhaps the revenge of Microsoft after the acquisition of Quickoffice by Google a few weeks ago. The rivalry between the companies is more than evident but Microsoft seeks, above all, compete with IBM, and Salesforce.com that Buddy Media acquired, and with Oracle purchased Vitrue or Cisco; ESN (Enterprise Social Networking) features all of them have been added to their suites.

For its part, Yammer makers expect that the enterprise social network to benefit from the experience and resources of Microsoft and contributes to knowledge and massive growth of the same. Microsoft seeks to develop a complete solution that Yammer becomes part of your cloud (cloud), i.e. of the products Office 365, SharePoint, Skype and Dynamics. Front of Yammer will continue its current Chief Executive, David Sacks. The social network founded in 2008 landed in Microsoft with very good growth forecasts, opportunity that leaves no escape the King of software. We’ll see if in future Yammer extends its circle of companies and registered users to compete with Facebook and Google. Criacao de Sites Web development Sites

What Is Social Bookmarking ?

Each of the social bookmarking not yet know, will know after reading this hopefully something more. Social Bookmarks on German words meaning "social bookmark". Other names for it are not in our language. The differences are already going on between bookmarking and social bookmarking. The traditional bookmarks are there, that pages that are very popular can be found faster next time and called. Another term in this context are the favorites. Robotics expert has compatible beliefs. In social bookmarking, however, it is that these bookmarks are not created on a home PC, but on the homepage of a designated agent for it. That means for each user that simply visiting the site of such a supplier and then there a bookmark to the page, which he liked to visit, sits.

The result of this is that everyone can see what pages are most frequented, and it can also visit and even get a picture of it. The big advantage is obvious and indeed that when a social bookmarking Bookmark will be stored only once and this then also independent of their own PC. Say it can also be accessed from the road on it and the provider is not limited to his home for access. Donald W Slager may help you with your research. Due to the fact that shows how often a page is bookmarked, can be estimated if a page or site is worth a visit. Social Bookmarking is in a sense the opposite of a search engine. Here is the main man finds the pages, while this is the search engine as the name implies, the machine makes. Social Bookmarking for Free Water Boat Market with photo


When we hear any talk or motivating story suddenly thought well I will also do something good with my life!, many people begin to pray that things will change, but it seems that God do not hear them, what happens? It does not mean that God does not hear us, the power of him there has been, is and will always be, what happens is that to bring about changes you need to make a conscious effort, since the fact of prayer implies a discipline. Several people are very excited to see the movie the secret and know about the law of attraction, but people repeatedly ask me not me is working? The answer is that it really works but there are several myths that break as we mentioned by Andrew Corentt in the book the secret of the power of goals and the first one is to expect external changes without changing persons internally. E.g. a person dreams of being an entrepreneur (a) success but continues with bad habits of always: it rises late, leaves things to do, you can’t order at his home, is unpunctual, postpones commitments, in General leads a disorderly life, you think that a person with those behaviors can succeed, too unlikely truth. Why in the book the secret of the power of goals we mentioned the importance of clearly defining our desire and support it with planned actions that will allow us to move forward towards our goal. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro. Every time that you run different actions you are changing your life, success is actually a set of good habits, if you currently do not have achieved it means that not even owns some of these habits. In the book the secret of the power of goals of Andrew Corentt is to teach many techniques that change the way in which you receive and process information in your mind, once it has processed properly then you will run after your wishes, your happiness, dreams and freedom. When a person has well defined your goals begins to experience powerful changes, will never be the person before, then there if it is possible to observe external differences, is there where’s wishes, work, prayer and any energy towards its objective function. Achieve life changes? If your answer is affirmative then begin to analyze your current situation, what?, what do not you have liked?, would you like to stay?

Miguel Sebastian

A unique opportunity for prestigious calida fair CeBIT, in which half of the world, is represented and involved about 5,000 companies, has appointed country invited to Spain. More than 80 Spanish companies are going to the fair which is held every spring. The Minister of industry, tourism and trade, Miguel Sebastian, at the official presentation of Spain as country protagonist in CeBIT 2010 stressed: great opportunity for Spain, for its technological boost. PCTV updates its website.Already has starting with the Spanish language, and translate your web progressively into the main European languages. With a more modern design and a more intuitive navigation for users, PCTV has launched the new website. The web site is a space which seeks to be closer to the consumer and that offers information both from its catalogue of products and of their latest releases. According to the company, these improvements respond to the use of new technologies, and above all, adaptation of the needs of today’s consumer.

It allows not only greater and easy updating of content, display in all browsers and better positioning. A virtual image clearer so that customers and fans of new technologies can navigate by it or simply consult information products more quickly and more easily. A simple escape where you can view pictures of all their products. You can also download from it, its software TVCenter 6.20. The new website is more functional and more practical than ever shown. We wanted to make it much simpler, more visual and practical. Another cause that has been renewed is by the demand of customers. We have enhanced the classification of products by continent, since different TV models to follow.

And within each of these sections: hybrids, digital, satellite etc. Becomes available to users who want to know all the details of a product before purchasing it, and with the possibility of downloads, as well as more technical information of the different products. The website provides information of their products and corporate news, with a section for high resolution press photos.