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Blackberry Handsets

This article discusses the functions and services offered in the market for wireless data business. We reviewed a series of articles in databases and web sites to see what are the market trends and to analyze the supply of such services in Mexico. As an example, take information from the company TELCEL, offering email services, wireless voice and data with BlackBerry handsets, cellular modems and other data devices. This article describes the features of BlackBerry handsets and its features like for example that can be used to locate vehicles using GPS, is a terminal that receives e-mails without having to hang up a phone call is a terminal that can connect to a variety of ERP systems and executives serving as a portable office that allows them to have real-time updates. We conclude that these terminals have functional advantages for doing business and applications can have access to updated information, with this will transform the way business is done by the versatility offered by this Terminal, is a portable office with computer connected to the intranet, Internet and extranet business and a telephone in his pocket. Keywords: BlackBerry, Smart Phones, PDAs, Global Position System (GPS), wireless technology, ERP systems, Internet, extranet, intranet.

1.-General Introduction to wireless technology now provides a constant communication. Help productivity, improve work output per unit of time, makes us more productive, saves us time to analyze information more quickly generate work in less time. Innovation can be defined as the extent to which information systems help create new ideas.