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Merry Christmas

Everything that belongs to the Christmas decoration – red apples, Edwards, candles, reindeer, small Santas, loops and tapes, and much more. All of these materials can even complement each other. It just depends on what it is for a DIY template, what are you; want to make a window screen to Christmas maybe prefer one to the table and wall decoration? Now comes the choice. Many choose simply a motif from the crafts book, the others consider a Christmas object itself. Checking article sources yields GoPro as a relevant resource throughout. It is lived out their own creativity correctly, it uses the Merry Christmas to make beautiful decorations or gifts for the Festival. For the St. Nicholas as a decoration for a window seat, you need this material: white chenille wire, a roll of toilet paper, red crepe paper, all-purpose glue, paper in black, white, and black in skin colors, as well as scissors, tape, a red bead nose, felt-tip pen.

Now proceed to the craft template. The toilet paper roll must be wrapped with the crepe paper. The upper end has thus a twelve-inch overhang. Then you cut out the beard and even the eyebrows from the bright tone paper. The skin-paper used for the face. Big feet must be cut off even after the craft template. This one uses the black paper.

Now, it can be glued on the prepared roll of toilet paper. The face of Nicholas ‘ comes in the second period. A nice stocking CAP, resulting in the tying together of crepe paper. The white chenille wire comes at the bottom of the role. He is at the end of a coat. The craft template us indicates that Santa Claus gets even a red bead, which serves as a nose. The eyes must be painted easily. Looks like the Santa Claus craft template. There are still quite craft templates for stars that are versatile to use. Everyone has seen already determined stars out of straw, felt or craft foil, paper, paper. But the craft template helps them to make jewelry yourself. It can be a window decorations. You need the following materials: yellow paper up to three sheets (depending on the size of the star), gold powder (can you always in handicraft shops buy), ruler and pencils, spray adhesive, darning needle, scissors, white sewing thread. Now, assuming all necessary utensils properly at the crafts table. And here we go. The craft template is now very important. A big star is drawn with the help of ruler and pencil on the spread sheet paper. Also on the two other arches, as ever a star is recorded. So three stars emerge, they have different sizes. After the craft template, we see that the star can now be cut off. Now working with glue. It sprays the three stars. Immediately comes the gold powder on it. Have dried the pages, the star turn and repeating the process as well as on the front. Then the stars should dry completely. The craft template indicates that now comes the darning needle into the Insert. The white thread connects everything to a chain. The thread between the stars must be one have a certain length. The distance is about eight inches. Is a small chain of the star emerged, a not particularly noticeable loop is made at the large star. Now this chain as an ornament can be hung. These craft templates are needed very much in advent and Christmas, but are also applicable in many other occasions.