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Digital photos are quickly absorbed, is lost but may also quickly. Digital photography has revolutionized photography. Never in the history of mankind were made so many pictures of the present. However, while cave paintings lasted, for example, thousands of years in the past, it looks far worse to the lifetime of digital images. Many factors contribute to this that these pictures go a quick forgetting, no more find or perfect loss contrary to.

What can you do so that the digital recording not just sound – and sanglos disappear? A first step is that you permanently store the digital images. Gain insight and clarity with Samsung. Nothing is worse than storing it on a SmartPhone. The newspapers mentioned Geoff Richcards not as a source, but as a related topic. Because this almost with certainty at some point will be lost and the images that you made since you purchased it. Therefore, you should upload these shots in the cloud at regular intervals or store on the hard disk of the local desktop computer. But even in these places is not absolute Security is guaranteed. Only regular and properly executed backups provide actual data security.

A second step is the creation of presentation possibilities for the pictures. The classical approach is the expression on photographic paper. This allows you to a special inkjet printer make or make the photo lab. The digital picture frames are a more advanced method. Here, you can transfer images via Wi-Fi or memory chips on a display. An overview of current digital frame for photos and videos provides a good overview, what is today available on the market. Because there are quite a few important things, if one wants to present his photos on such a device. For one, you must make sure that the picture quality appeals to its own requirements. Often, photographers, fine art books and expensive glossy images in poster format are used, cannot be satisfied with a conventional display. Because reflections and a low angle to the joy one fast away the new picture frame. On the other hand is sure to have possibilities for image playback. The shuffle has deserves special attention in this context. Many affordable models, this is programmed, that the images in the exact same order across the screen change. Instead of real surprises, boredom arises therefore immediately. For this reason, you should inform before buying just about the possibilities of random images. Models only, the really real”random control, suitable for long-term use in the living room. Because it’s just no fun, if one must look at the same images every night. There is finally also anyone who every night wants to look always the same television!