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State Mother

Speaking in Spanish, is not politically correct, better is that learn English which for some is the start to lay the Foundation for rebuilding the dilapidated Tower of the Kingdom of Babel. Hence, a silence spreads over certain Spanish regions. Especially in those where a February 21 would have liked (some) that existed before (but now already it is not appropriate them), and that is would have been able to celebrate International mother language day. It is not for less!, this day has invented at the beginning of a new millennium and perhaps now, comes to us with so much delay that perhaps already do not want to. But eight years is going celebrating this tragic event, and adjective as tragic, because in certain Spanish regions otherwise practiced with impunity and to ignore the mother tongue. Maybe it’s because there is no sexist, or rather to the feminists will no longer them that only concerned promote the mother tongue, because you wonder something like: is need there in that women communicate in their own language with a child not born?. Perhaps will be an attempt to boost the language using the term nation, although in some places put it in question and also sounds like a feminist.

Better not get!, as we have already seen as just some of those who were in their arrays. Perhaps we could talk in macho plan or celebrate the day of the parental language, but nor for those, and less than its use extends instead of talk of the nation, talk of the State or the country, and the language to become a generic referent and not of genre. But I am afraid that the issue is no longer silence as a response. What better ignore the day hospitalization of mother tongue?. If in addition this year, opens the international year of languages with a motto: languages have, with the intention to enhance or protect or promote the maintenance of the mother tongue. Better not take it as a provocation and here all quiet. That pass with less noise, and little bit forward with what is this trying to decimate.

So are our media, so are our regional language policies, so are our politicians, as well a day if another look at also, as only they bring to corral the use of international when the bells sound in his favor and winds bring about their speeches but silence is encouraged when international is not favorable to your projects or handouts. PD. What I like contact me on intimacy and privacy in one of these three languages and now, having to go through this shame.