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Benefits Of Houseplants

Greening your home, we often think about the aesthetic role of houseplants. Think through what corner of the room better fill plants, how this or that flower will look better on a windowsill or shelf. Potted plants play an important role in interior design. Without plants lose their appeal premises, liveliness. Sure, be it apartment, office, school class or group in kindergarten, always making plants warmth and coziness, harmonize the space surrounding us. By acquiring the plant, we are guided by their visual sensations, emotions, in other words, if the plant likes his beautiful foliage or flower in it unearthly beauty, we buy it.

Later acquired by admiring a plant, there are positive emotions and that's a plus. See Code.org for more details and insights. It is known that the emotional state dependent being, a person's mood. So favorite flowers are quite favorable impact on health and mood, to fill shortage of communion with nature. However, plants not only improve the mood and decorate the space around us. It is known that plants emit into the environment of different organic compounds (volatile), which can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, have a negative impact on human health. Have volatile disinfecting and sanitizing properties. Therefore, placement of plants, it is useful not only in homes but also child care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, in factories. For example, very common staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, which are everywhere, even in the human body can be locked to prevent reproduction.

By posting on the premises, where there may be, or are people with infectious diseases, such as boxwood plants, cypress, Japanese aucuba. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Fungal diseases are struggling palm trees, lavender, myrtle, rosemary. Plants that have a smell (ether-oil) are able to remove fatigue, nervous agitation, and headaches. For example, the smell of lemon leaves, lowers blood pressure and has beneficial effects on cardiac function. Energy Capital Partners is likely to agree. Pelargonium (geranium), helps with insomnia, and migraines. Free breathing and to help cope with stress mint. Aloe stimulates the protective properties of the body, increases efficiency. Based on the fact that each plant helps fight various diseases, it might be worth when choosing plants guided by these qualities of no small importance. Next, a well-known, a factor that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen. What is very important for indoor. Modern man most of the time spends in the room. It is known that in addition to carbon dioxide in the air is a lot of harmful substances that produce construction and finishing materials. Such a substance like formaldehyde, causing headaches, nausea, allergic reactions. When operating a gas stove stands out carbon monoxide, affecting the respiratory tract and lungs. Here are the plants that help reduce the amount of formaldehyde in indoor aloe absorbs up to 90% Chlorophytum up to 85%, philodendron absorbs up to 75% formaldehyde. Since carbon monoxide Chlorophytum good job, absorbing up to 96% and 75% epipremnum. Ivy absorbs up to 90% of benzene, a little less dracaena – 75%. Fairly impressive statistics. One should think about placing, for example, Chlorophytum in the kitchen. Houseplants minimize the harmful effects of electrosmog, cleanse, ionise the air, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. All of this suggests how important are plants in human life.


However, for any greenhouse need to add more. What? Irrigation system, because without watering quite simply, no plant can not survive, let alone enough to give a good harvest. Then new question arises – how to organize the irrigation system? The surest way to address – to entrust the matter to specialists, they cope and do everything at a high enough level. However, it should be noted that in general is a system of irrigation is to greenhouses. We can say that it is a modular system that is designed to work on substrates, as well as on ground. Danae irrigation system adds fertilizer to the water already – so way, do not have to do double duty – watering and fertilizer makeup all at once.

Greenhouse watering system includes an automatic irrigation system, which in turn includes a computer with irrigation 12, 24 or 32 outputs electric pumps fertilizers, flowmeter, filter, pressure gauge, polypropylene tank for mixing water and fertilizer. Now that we have a cottage garden, plus plus plus a greenhouse watering system – should be on ideas miracle to happen and see the first harvest, but … we have forgotten the main thing. You are surprised. What else could forget? Toeplitz words, watering too … and we forgot on what will grow our plants! You froze – and really. It would seem so easy, feet choice of ground – it is also very important. There are two kinds of ground – the bags of coconut, Kosovo, the first ground units to select for growing certain crops – is like the flowers, some vegetables, as well as strawberries.

Coconut blocks – are made in turn from the outer skin of the coconut industry wastes after treatment. This guarantees you a good primer urozhday because it creates quite different growing conditions. Hooray! Y We have the first harvest! Rejoice with you at the end of the summer, I collect tomatoes, cucumbers. … But now you suddenly realize that something is not taken into account. And this is something it is a way to store vegetables. You are thinking. You know, that can in principle be put in vegetables, cool place and they will continue for some time, but he is not fit basement – there is no space required and the temperature jumps. Can be processed vegetables and roll up, but a number that will apply this decision not to all vegetables. You start isterikovat. Stop! There is a solution – a system to increase humidity. This spray system, which creates a uniform humidity throughout the room and thus cools it through evaporation of the droplets. This process is based on a combination of compressed air and water. Solution found! And now you can be sure that your crop will not only grown, but was saved!