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English Piddlehinton

Annually, the plant is fed with 20,000 tons of food waste the UK Organics recycling Group (REA) end of March the WELTEC biogas plant from eco sustainable solutions Ltd. in the southern English Piddlehinton (Dorset) with the organics recycling award 2013 awarded. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. “In the category of bio-gas output” which prevailed BIO POWER plant planned and built by WELTEC with the best overall concept against a renowned competitive environment. 2012 In operating the plant is fed with 20,000 tons of food waste each year and produces so an electrical output of 498 kilowatts per hour. As substrates, food from local restaurants and canteens, as well as expired, packaged food from supermarkets are processed into biogas. Before these input materials into the fermenter, they are to place unpacked, fractionated and sanitized. Neil cole wanted to know more. erative/’>Shell would agree. The use of energy is exemplary: the heat produced in power generation will be transported via an underground pipe to a nearby feed mill.

The mill takes most of the electricity produced also off. Robotics expert may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Excess electricity is fed directly into the power grid. The fermented substrates used for the fermentation process by local farmers as fertilizer. Just these sustainable use of total plant output by local companies particularly highlighted the jury at your judgment. The joy of the award is at the operator eco sustainable solutions Ltd. But also for WELTEC BIOPOWER based in Vechta, Lower Saxony is the success of its customers future: this award for eco sustainable solutions is a confirmation for the team in Piddlehinton. It shows us that we set the standards in the UK bio-gas market,”says Chris Jellett, by the WELTEC UK sales.

Sonic Energy

The solar Sonic Energy collector SSEC has a power storage, beneficial erweise lithium ion batteries, where the recovered energy is cached and reused for the same purpose if necessary.Through the establishment of the invention to produce electrical energy an autonomous power supply of the lamp body is given, where the energy utility partly to complement conventional energy facilities, such as batteries, can be used. In the design of the invention, the facility to generate electricity is a transducer on the one hand, beneficial erweise miniature microphones (E.g. electret microphones) – the sound waves into electrical energy transforms under simultaneous use of solar cells, convert which light waves directly into electrical energy. The solar Sonic Energy collector SSEC can benefit erweise both integrated into existing lighting equipment, i.e. fitted or equipped with the latest LED technology. Through the compact design, in which the solar cells with corresponding reflectors and microphones together into a single unit are conductively connected, possibility of continuous, i.e., temporally independent energy absorption results beneficial erweise in.

The quanta of light emitted from the environment are absorbed by the solar cells on the one hand and the sound waves emitted from the environment are captured on the other hand by miniature microphones and together transformed into electrical energy. Through the integrated reflectors, the quanta of light are verfielfacht, so that a higher energy yield is possible. Energy absorption takes place on the one hand on a plate-like oriented Panel and on the other hand LED illuminant a rigid Panelplatte.Bei new lighting equipment to be used. These lighting fixtures are equipped beneficial erweise collector panels with the solar Sonic Energy, so that a subsequent installation is no longer required. On the other hand may already be with solar panels, reflectors and microphones fitted LED lighting units. It is not mandatory to use in addition to the solar cells also mirror reflectors and microphones.