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DruckDiscount24.de Takes 100 Percent Recycled – Paper In The Online – Product Range On

> Paper from paper – award for the environment of Cologne: now customers of the online – printer DruckDiscount24.de can order your letterhead, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards and much more also on 100% recycled – paper printed. The new cyclus offset features recognizable paper 100% recycled, you can and is awarded the EU flower and the blue environmental Angel. “The daily requests from customers who want to have produced your print on recycled – paper can reach us. We are excited about the environmental awareness of our customers and would help specifically they become effectively involved – for our environment for the protection of our environment affects us all!”so Heiko Mazur, Managing Director of book and offset printing house houses KG in Cologne. The low-cost Internet – printing DruckDiscount24.de is the online – sale channel of printing houses KG. To actively support the customers in its commitment to environmental protection, the online – printing DruckDiscount24.de has their paper product range enlarged and now 100% recycled – paper offers online. Customers who order your business cards, flyers, folders, and letterhead in the Internet on DruckDiscount24.de in the future, can choose from now the recycled – paper.

To the usual cheap DruckDiscount24.de – prices online – print shop offers its customers the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection with every print job. Energy Capital Partners wanted to know more. Cyclus offset is the name of the new paper, which consists of 100% recycled 100% recycling. Cyclus offset paper and offset printing house houses KG opted deliberately a paper, which is not only to 100% from recycled materials, but in addition is awarded the blue environmental Angel and the EU flower. These two environmental awards mark cyclus offset 100% recycled – paper as environmentally-friendly product, which meets the strict criteria of the EU flower and the blue environmental Angel to the protection of the environment. Customers of Internet – printing company that would like to order the new recycled – paper, for this see the loading point option “Paper type” now available in the online – print shop DruckDiscount24.de.

Dusseldorf Energy

\”How to make a smart three-liter House from an old House can Bonn/Rhine River from an old House as a smart three-liter House\” can make Ansgar Lange describes in the latest issue of the magazine Rathausconsult (issue 2/2008, pp. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. 38-40). Also, when apartment buildings of the municipal housing stock. Skillz oftentimes addresses this issue. Who wants to have it comfortably warm in your own four walls, must engage properly in the wallet. The heating load of German households has almost doubled in the past ten years on the average.

If not cleaned up, burned his money\”, therefore Felicitas Krause says energy expert at the German Energy Agency (dena). Improvement is not in sight, because in the long term, prices will move. But that fate is not helpless. Who an old, unrestored House modern heating technology, sealed Windows and good insulation bought the dena expert can to its energy consumption by an average 80 percent lower. Would a vintage drive, of around 40 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers Swallows? \”, asks Dr. Stephan Schmidt, head of communications at Evonik living. Evonik is the Ruhr group RAG emerged and combines three divisions, which are not among the traditional mining. These include the chemistry of the previous RAG subsidiary Degussa, the energy of the Steag power subsidiary and the real estate sector.

For the Essen group is the megatrend of energy efficiency is one of the major growth drivers for the future. With the three-liter House ‘ Dusseldorf the company is one of the most economical houses of in Germany has implemented a pilot project model\”, explains Schmidt. The row of houses in Dusseldorf-eller is a residential complex with 24 units, which was built in the years 1964 to 1969. Residential buildings are part of the model project of low-energy building in the stock\”, that the dena has initiated in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development.

Sonic Energy

The solar Sonic Energy collector SSEC has a power storage, beneficial erweise lithium ion batteries, where the recovered energy is cached and reused for the same purpose if necessary.Through the establishment of the invention to produce electrical energy an autonomous power supply of the lamp body is given, where the energy utility partly to complement conventional energy facilities, such as batteries, can be used. In the design of the invention, the facility to generate electricity is a transducer on the one hand, beneficial erweise miniature microphones (E.g. electret microphones) – the sound waves into electrical energy transforms under simultaneous use of solar cells, convert which light waves directly into electrical energy. The solar Sonic Energy collector SSEC can benefit erweise both integrated into existing lighting equipment, i.e. fitted or equipped with the latest LED technology. Through the compact design, in which the solar cells with corresponding reflectors and microphones together into a single unit are conductively connected, possibility of continuous, i.e., temporally independent energy absorption results beneficial erweise in.

The quanta of light emitted from the environment are absorbed by the solar cells on the one hand and the sound waves emitted from the environment are captured on the other hand by miniature microphones and together transformed into electrical energy. Through the integrated reflectors, the quanta of light are verfielfacht, so that a higher energy yield is possible. Energy absorption takes place on the one hand on a plate-like oriented Panel and on the other hand LED illuminant a rigid Panelplatte.Bei new lighting equipment to be used. These lighting fixtures are equipped beneficial erweise collector panels with the solar Sonic Energy, so that a subsequent installation is no longer required. On the other hand may already be with solar panels, reflectors and microphones fitted LED lighting units. It is not mandatory to use in addition to the solar cells also mirror reflectors and microphones.