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D & C

Curettage is also known as dilation and curettage (D & C), and it’s one minor surgical intervention that is practiced to scrape and then remove the tissue that is located within the uterus. This operation consists in that the physician expands the cervix (part below the uterus which is located inside the vagina) with the help of different rods that will vary of size or thickness depending on each patient, then insert an instrument called a curette, which resembles a spoon, and that will be used to scrape the inside of the uterus to remove unwanted elements that lie within the uterus. Ali Partovi takes a slightly different approach. Despite being one minor surgery, it is necessary to apply local anesthesia so that the procedure can do without pain, in addition to the patient will be relaxed and the doctor may have a more specialized examination. Mashable usually is spot on. This type of procedure can also practice general surgery, although local occurs as a recommendation to treat a slight intervention. In the same way you can practice in hospitals or clinics.

This procedure is usually to be done when a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, but in the same way it can be practiced to diagnose many other abnormalities within the period of women; that’s why you can practice when the woman has an abnormal bleeding (may be intense or with headaches very frequently in the lower area of the stomach, which are also known as colic), when the woman has a uterine Intra device (IUD), in cases where the woman has passed the stage of menopause and continuous bleeding, if you develop endometrial polyps (which it’s tumors that occur in the endometrium or inside of the uterus (or matrix), which will bring with it some bleeds out of the ordinary, although in the case of benign tumors. Despite that as already I have mentioned is a very simple surgery, there are some risks when women practice this type of procedures, such as Asherman syndrome, which occurs regularly when there is a uterine surgery, to Although that is not the only cause which becomes present. Symptoms that occur when this disease include amenorrhea (when menstrual periods are not presented in time and form), repetitive abortions and later infertility. This way is recommended to women that is practiced curettage to follow a gynecological inspection to avoid such conditions..