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Energy Thermo-modernisation

The foundations of the building in the Earth, an energy store is arranged, is connected to the exterior walls and roof surfaces by PP-fluid lines. The wall & roof tops are made of a dual layer of insulation with integrated PP line system, where a cycle the temperature barrier and the second circuit represents the solar absorber technology. The PP-fluid lines laid to the inside of the building have the function of the solar absorber or at extremely cold or hot air of a second temperature barrier function of the temperature barrier (heating/cooling), the outside PP-fluid lines (slow air conditioning). Using the wall / roof absorber pipes, heat is extracted and stored in the soil, which is also used for the air conditioning of the building. The end – / ventilation is moved through a coaxial stainless steel pipe-in-pipe counter-current (nimble air conditioning) in the ground, outside and below the building, taking advantage of endless, renewable energy for air-conditioning (heating and cooling).

Using the latest technologies of the ISOMAX/TERRASOL, now also the international buildings can be economically placed on whip Plusheizenergie-House standard. Approximately 46% of our energy is squandered at the time for the air conditioning of the global building stock\”. Through the ETM urgently necessary\”- energy Thermo-modernisation with ISOMAX internationally in all climates proven technologies can in the next 10-12 years this gigantic amounts of energy through the dual energy system of Earth Sun extremely environmentally friendly and economically be replaced. We are near-surface ground temperatures in conjunction with solar heat eco-friendly and free unlimited and endless quantities, in winter and in summer, available.

ALPHA Builds The First Booth

A dazzling performance of ALPHA – customers the international trade fair for jewelry, watches, precious stones, design and technology starts again this year again, at the 25.02.2011. Four days visitors to inhorgenta are can check the 2011 in Munich on 180,000 square metres of Hall space in 17 modern exhibition halls. Consumers, professionals and manufacturers on this fair will take much new in experience. The numerous exhibitors from over 80 countries Walter Lehmkuhler GmbH belongs to with its new product, the LiLi magic also for the first time,”will be present. Special magnetic technology, it is possible to put the chain quite individually together. Thus you can invent new designs with equal parts, always again excellent look good, and shine with a new jewellery piece.

The 40 m head Kopfstand the increased used logo by a special truss construction for an optimum effect which is dark, passionate colours provides. In four high showcases presented exhibits magically attract the visitors, as the poles of the magnets to attract the LiLi magic. Ample seating options ensure that you can inform yourself comfortably on almost every point of the stand and give advice. The ALPHA consulting company mbH has been a lot of effort in the preparation and the design of this stand. In numerous conversations, ALPHA offered an optimal consultation to ensure the total satisfaction of the exhibitor. Also, one constructed for this an own Archway as an input into a new world of jewelry. So that visitors have a good look at the exhibits, was inclined shelves on racks.

A true eye-catcher of a booth. The ALPHA consulting company mbH – Dept. Messebau pleased once again to pass a first-time Exhibitor an individually designed booth in Munich. The team wishes you a great success of the exhibition the exhibitors at the inhorgenta.

Mahmut Tabish

As a national leader in the segment of commercial cleaning, eventually managing the infrastructural, technical and commercial services belongs to our core competencies. The frequenting of the trade fair: the quality of contacts was high, the quantity and the diversity of the offer but offer optimization potential for the future. I see opportunities for optimizing it to integrate the issues of security and maintenance, and to bring the accompanying conference programme more in line with the fair. Viacom can aid you in your search for knowledge. The latter should be also a marketplace for large enterprises with qualified corporate facility management units. I’m thinking Fraport or Commerzbank. Why not also a device look for suppliers, technology supporter or supplier? After the fair is before the fair! Overall, we were satisfied with the facility management 2011. The FM industry leaders were here jointly active and have spoken to each other in the sense of the thing. The feast of the possible maker”was the highlight of the FM show without a doubt.

Here, the common commitment with much fair play on par showed up with customers, suppliers, Networkers, and employees of the companies. It looked very to determine how important the issue of sustainability ‘ now occupies in the FM. Our sustainability brochure is recorded very positive as a first step towards sustainability report of the mass audience.” Mahmut Tabish, management Piepenbrock facility management: positive was that very good contacts have been created this year. Many customers came with requests for solutions to standard concepts that are today normal management and asked us how we conceptually can continue to develop it. For us, the question is then: How do we help? We want to adapt the concept together with our customers to its needs, to find good solutions with our good approaches. Therefore we ask only for the request and then, be sure to develop a joint, cooperative solution. Thus we create a concept that really suits the customers eventually.