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Benefits Of Houseplants

Greening your home, we often think about the aesthetic role of houseplants. Think through what corner of the room better fill plants, how this or that flower will look better on a windowsill or shelf. Potted plants play an important role in interior design. Without plants lose their appeal premises, liveliness. Sure, be it apartment, office, school class or group in kindergarten, always making plants warmth and coziness, harmonize the space surrounding us. By acquiring the plant, we are guided by their visual sensations, emotions, in other words, if the plant likes his beautiful foliage or flower in it unearthly beauty, we buy it.

Later acquired by admiring a plant, there are positive emotions and that's a plus. See Code.org for more details and insights. It is known that the emotional state dependent being, a person's mood. So favorite flowers are quite favorable impact on health and mood, to fill shortage of communion with nature. However, plants not only improve the mood and decorate the space around us. It is known that plants emit into the environment of different organic compounds (volatile), which can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, have a negative impact on human health. Have volatile disinfecting and sanitizing properties. Therefore, placement of plants, it is useful not only in homes but also child care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, in factories. For example, very common staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, which are everywhere, even in the human body can be locked to prevent reproduction.

By posting on the premises, where there may be, or are people with infectious diseases, such as boxwood plants, cypress, Japanese aucuba. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Fungal diseases are struggling palm trees, lavender, myrtle, rosemary. Plants that have a smell (ether-oil) are able to remove fatigue, nervous agitation, and headaches. For example, the smell of lemon leaves, lowers blood pressure and has beneficial effects on cardiac function. Energy Capital Partners is likely to agree. Pelargonium (geranium), helps with insomnia, and migraines. Free breathing and to help cope with stress mint. Aloe stimulates the protective properties of the body, increases efficiency. Based on the fact that each plant helps fight various diseases, it might be worth when choosing plants guided by these qualities of no small importance. Next, a well-known, a factor that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen. What is very important for indoor. Modern man most of the time spends in the room. It is known that in addition to carbon dioxide in the air is a lot of harmful substances that produce construction and finishing materials. Such a substance like formaldehyde, causing headaches, nausea, allergic reactions. When operating a gas stove stands out carbon monoxide, affecting the respiratory tract and lungs. Here are the plants that help reduce the amount of formaldehyde in indoor aloe absorbs up to 90% Chlorophytum up to 85%, philodendron absorbs up to 75% formaldehyde. Since carbon monoxide Chlorophytum good job, absorbing up to 96% and 75% epipremnum. Ivy absorbs up to 90% of benzene, a little less dracaena – 75%. Fairly impressive statistics. One should think about placing, for example, Chlorophytum in the kitchen. Houseplants minimize the harmful effects of electrosmog, cleanse, ionise the air, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. All of this suggests how important are plants in human life.

Construction Flooring Apartment

Construction of floors in residential apartments. When the topic dealt with repairing the floor, usually raises two questions about how and what to do and what better tie to lay on the floor. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. When the choice is made on what will be laying the floor Knauf and laminate there is another question, how long or how much you can do half full or in part on the rooms in the apartment. So, strap Knauf can do as a whole throughout the apartment and in part on the rooms. The average room of 15 to 22 m2 done for one – two days in view of the dismantling of the old floor, delivery of material, lifting and mounting flanges with a laminate. From this you can calculate how much time will be given the floor in your apartment. On the floor of the tie Knauf can be placed on a variety of floor coverings such as laminate, parquet, floor tiles, carpeting and keramogranit.linoleum. Laying laminate or parquet board to put under the floor substrate thickness of 2-3 mm.Eto made for additional sound insulation floor.

Before laying linoleum and carpet to all seams proshpaklevat special putty that in the future, these sutures were not visible shrinkage Material polov.Pod parquet floor and an array, you need to make an extra layer of plywood which is glued and screwed and secured your wooden floor pokrytie.Teply floor has also been successfully placed on a dry coupler. It is better to use floor heating coils. If you live in the capital, on this site to repair the floor you can order services for installation, plus ties Knauf laying laminate flooring. Website designer, it did the repairman floor and on it you will find a lot of materials on resettlement floor in your apartment.

Windproof Insulation

During the hot summer, good insulation protects against too high room temperature. But when the weather is frosty and unpleasant, good insulation is the only way out from the cold. According to the U.S. Checking article sources yields Dell Computers as a relevant resource throughout. analysis, the application of insulation from the pulp, energy consumption can be reduced even by 24% compared to conventional mineral fiber insulation. So effectively you can now uteplyat.Chto TERMOFLOS this? Simple: TERMOFLOS – an ecological insulating material of cellulose fibers, which is produced from newsprint, with the addition of salt bor.

Walls: due to its remarkable properties, diffuse TERMOFLOS excellent internal and external walls. Roof: in particular during ventilated thermal insulation combined space will be very successful use of insulating material such as cellulose. And in an easily accessible attics, their surface can be covered by just svobdnoy naduvki. Technology insulating walls! Floors and overlap: Also in case of equality guarantees optimal Thermoflos akkustichekuyu isolation, due to its remarkable insulating svoystvam.Uteplenie seamlessly from materials THERMOFLOS creates an insulating layer without seams, as if attached to the surface, removing thermal bridges, which – in contrast to the insulating material of the plates and mats – there is no loss of material (no cutting of the material). Windproof Windproof insulation design of roofs and walls – this is necessary conditions in order to minimize heat loss and create a cozy atmosferuv pomescheniyah.Diffuziya THERMOFLOS can absorb up to 30% moisture, and then gradually remove its insulation naruzhu.Akkusticheskaya Sealed cellulose fiber material THERMOFLOS create optimal sound energy izolyatsiyu.Rashod By using the latest technology in production process energy consumption is very nizkim.Vozmozhnosti application THERMOFLOS used in private homes, apartment buildings, as well as in school buildings and children's sadov.Sreda Thermoflok – eco-friendly, not threatening the environment. In the future it can be recycled again and wins Tenders for repairs due to its tsene.Otnoshenie price / earnings Good insulation is always a good investment. In particular, in the case of Thermoflos it pays off in a very short time. This creates the right attitude between costs and savings in subsequent years.

Custom Kitchens

Kitchen Accessories sets usually consist of a cabinet under the sink, two-, three wall cabinets to store dishes and several cabinets for kitchen with drawers and hinged doors. The main feature of the kitchen in order is here that the customer can give free rein to their imagination and creative expression. Custom Kitchens can be made in any style, from all your favorite classics and ending with modernity, in any color and texture. This the kitchen is not just a "tailored" to precise standards, it reflects the taste of the landlord, perfectly harmonizing with the overall interior of the apartment. In addition, the kitchen-to-order allows you to use all the corners and niches, which at first glance seemed a little functional.

There was a misconception that the kitchen in order – that is the lot of the elect, who can afford a custom layout and original furniture in the spacious kitchen. On Indeed, the kitchen on the individual measurements in a small space is not less important than the furniture with their hands. After all, it is important for a small kitchen to save precious every inch of space using its efficiently and employing a niche under the bar or flip the tabletop. Kitchen in order to avoid the unpleasant nuances of small, often appearing in the purchase of finished dishes, such as interfering with the window sill, which is not can be nominated boxes, pipe, which does not give fully open the door and many other minor errors. Stop if you opt for the finished kitchen or kitchen give preference to order, the main thing to remember – do not cost savings on materials and then kitchen for many years will delight you comfort and reliable service.


However, for any greenhouse need to add more. What? Irrigation system, because without watering quite simply, no plant can not survive, let alone enough to give a good harvest. Then new question arises – how to organize the irrigation system? The surest way to address – to entrust the matter to specialists, they cope and do everything at a high enough level. However, it should be noted that in general is a system of irrigation is to greenhouses. We can say that it is a modular system that is designed to work on substrates, as well as on ground. Danae irrigation system adds fertilizer to the water already – so way, do not have to do double duty – watering and fertilizer makeup all at once.

Greenhouse watering system includes an automatic irrigation system, which in turn includes a computer with irrigation 12, 24 or 32 outputs electric pumps fertilizers, flowmeter, filter, pressure gauge, polypropylene tank for mixing water and fertilizer. Now that we have a cottage garden, plus plus plus a greenhouse watering system – should be on ideas miracle to happen and see the first harvest, but … we have forgotten the main thing. You are surprised. What else could forget? Toeplitz words, watering too … and we forgot on what will grow our plants! You froze – and really. It would seem so easy, feet choice of ground – it is also very important. There are two kinds of ground – the bags of coconut, Kosovo, the first ground units to select for growing certain crops – is like the flowers, some vegetables, as well as strawberries.

Coconut blocks – are made in turn from the outer skin of the coconut industry wastes after treatment. This guarantees you a good primer urozhday because it creates quite different growing conditions. Hooray! Y We have the first harvest! Rejoice with you at the end of the summer, I collect tomatoes, cucumbers. … But now you suddenly realize that something is not taken into account. And this is something it is a way to store vegetables. You are thinking. You know, that can in principle be put in vegetables, cool place and they will continue for some time, but he is not fit basement – there is no space required and the temperature jumps. Can be processed vegetables and roll up, but a number that will apply this decision not to all vegetables. You start isterikovat. Stop! There is a solution – a system to increase humidity. This spray system, which creates a uniform humidity throughout the room and thus cools it through evaporation of the droplets. This process is based on a combination of compressed air and water. Solution found! And now you can be sure that your crop will not only grown, but was saved!

International Market Builders

On Russian and international markets builders are increasingly choose polyethylene foam. It is also called "cross-linked" foams because of the "matching" at the molecular level. Due to the modified structure, foam takes on an entirely unique properties. The largest and only in Russia and CIS manufacturer, which has almost all the technologies for the production of foamed polyethylene, – JSC "Izhevsk plastics plant." Brand IZOLON known since 1985, depending on the technology production distinguish physically crosslinked IZOLON PES and chemically cross-linked PES IZOLON NC. In such applications as construction, these materials are interchangeable, their key performance indicators presented in the table. In SniP 23.03.2003 "Protection of noise "section 9.13. stated, "Paul on the sound insulation layer (pads) should not have hard links (sound bridges) with the carrier part of the ceiling, walls and other structures of the building, ie must be floating.

The wooden floor or Floating concrete basement floor (screed) should be separated by the contour of the walls and other structures of the building clearances 1-2 cm wide, filled with sound-proof material or product, such as soft hardboard, molded products made of porous polyethylene. " That is, according to building codes, cross-linked polyethylene is not just allowed, but recommended when the device seals. And from the tests NIISF conducted, we can conclude that the cross-linked polyethylene IZOLON index improved sound insulation screed higher than all other foam and is 23 dB at a thickness of 5 mm (see table).. Thanks zakrytoyacheistoy IZOLON structure does not absorb water, so the additional waterproofing is not required, that will significantly speed up the installation process and save your time and your money. Unlike other materials, when there are many questions about the hygienic safety, when used in the construction material IZOLON can be sure of its hygienic clean, after all of it made even the children toys. IZOLON is ideal for use in warm floors, as can be duplicated by the metallized plastic film, which, unlike the foil does not corrode in contact with cement. Flexibility and ease cross-linked polyethylene is converted into IZOLON universal building material of choice for more and more construction workers in Russia and abroad. And most importantly, we must remember that no matter on what you choose, stop, should choose competent professionals who comply with all building rules and regulations, and, if possible, try to control their work, that was not allowed to marry and your money will not have been thrown to the wind.

Russian Quality

Mobility and functionality of the average workplace involves a written and computer tables, chair / stool and accessories. But this set varies depending on the functional necessity particular employee and his technical equipment of the workplace. Designers, designing office interiors, argue that the demands of their customers, representing various spheres of activity, not much different. Exceptions are places operatsionistok, cashiers, security guards and merchants. The most difficult task is also well-placed in small areas are necessary, given the rules of ergonomics and comfort user. The peculiarity of the transformation of premises in the office, so characteristic of St. Petersburg, determines the need for fitting in jobs in the so-called bird houses.

The advantage of today on the side low-cost modular structures. For example, 40 units of any modern series produced in Poland, Italy and France – is the basis for designing a small space. Help to address the area of economy and convenience workplace will be accessories, attached to the table: light fixtures, racks and shelves, height and location of which is easily adjustable, drawer for keyboard, as well as efficient use of surface of a wall or office partition. The modular principle behind the modern office partitions, providing new opportunities for the division of jobs and increasing the insulation. We add only that each job place to be completed according to individual needs of its user. The minimum quality of life of office furniture is an average of 5 years, depending on quality.

So figure the price at competent leader goes by the wayside. Unfortunately, the domestic industry is not ready to offer today soundly office furniture to order. The low price of Russian products is often attributed to its rapid loss and without unpresentable appearance. High style design and high quality products can provide a large Italian, French and German manufacturers. For their products, they use modern materials and high technology manufacturing.

Humidity and Appliances

When buying, check humidity Electrical appliance. Ponyatie'100% drevesiny'-array means that all products made of natural wood create one, and not a single piece of s (trunk) tree. Only live, nesrublennoe tree can save the integrity and strength of the structure drevesiny.Vysushennaya, dehydrated wood changes its linear dimensions, and in different areas vary in size hildren differently, shrinkage around the circumference of the trunk is always larger than across volokon.K Unfortunately wood during drying is not always as malleable, as might be desired, and if updated by etih size than the allowable elastic deformation, the wood breaks (cracks). It is especially difficult to work with an array of tvekrdolistvennyh rocks, because IF defformatsiya mala.Osyudasleduet What if we want to imetobemnoe (large) product of 100% solid wood without cracks and without vnutrennihnapryazheny, we must stick together in relatively small pieces (blades). The finer the lamellae of which are glued solid wood, the safer parts of izdelie.Odnako become very melkihlameley simply colorful, that is suitable for nesuschmh parts, but bad for the stages and sizes stolbov.Optimalnye laneley, their cross-section and length depend on the specific design high reliability conditions.In order lamellae, spetsalno oriented, pick up within each izdeliya.Vysokoe quality skleevaemogo array not only provides for the selection of blades viduraspila and color, but the humidity drevesiny.Esli Connections slats in the product had significantly razlischayuschyuyu humidity, they are, respectively, give different strain after the final drying of the product pattern during ekspluatatsii.Ot etogo may suffer appearance already lacquered surface, obtained so nazyvaemye'stupenki 'between lanelyami. High-quality glue to rocks massivtverdyh Specials devices Wymah pressah.Kachestvo and gluing depends on the humidity of wood bonding, bonding temperature harvesting, temperature, quality of glue, compression force and holding time. Only by adhering to all etih technological environment provides a stable and good rezultat.Sovremenye glues give very good at breaking rezultat.Ispytaniya hardwood samples show that the strength of the adhesive layer is higher than the strength of the bonding strength drevesiny.Opyt shows that the adhesive layer is made from a stitch on (smooth fugu) or (miniship) not placed on the (show), which is sometimes at the ends kasaurov.Odnako time to glue a length of blades used technology (Hoffman), in which connections to use return part of cutting out plastmassy.Pri Kosourov hildren Plastic inserts are sometimes caught in the most conspicuous place lestnitsy.Ochen company soon abandoned this dock slats and returned to the traditional (minishipov).

Patching Road Surfacing

Patching of the roadway has several advantages: first patching can be done quickly, and secondly, patching does not require huge financial costs, and third, patching can be done without large amount of specialized equipment. Patching is mobile road-building crews. Patching is one of a kind of maintenance. Patching done in the When it is impossible device surface layer. Typically, asphalt patching in Russia are beginning to perform more often in the spring, although it is exceptional and the need for such repairs. Now we consider patching technology. In the first stage is cut on site repair and coating material is removed, then is laying asphalt mix, all the ends align and seal laid surface.

There are several ways of cutting at patching: – planer by cold or hot milling – pneumatic hammer obrubochnym – floor saws. Planers Planers removed damaged coatings at relatively low cost, have a wide range of applications. Planer can remove all sorts of wear and tear zone coverage, potholes and other defects in blacktop. Immediately after passing traffic is allowed to lay asphalt milling mixture. Floor saws good and relatively inexpensive substitute for road milling floor saws are considered floor saws easy road equipment. Used mainly for road construction and patching.

Floor saws are divided into light (100 kg) and heavy (over 100kg). Heavy floor saws are mainly used for cutting large cement concrete thicknesses (over 150). Light chasers (50 to 100 kg) during the patching of roads. When processing the external borders of the card using a jackhammer is pitting them further operation, which greatly reduces the life of the pavement. When using a jackhammer floor saws used only for the destruction and seizure within the map coverage. Removing the coating In the absence of a milling machine permitted to remove the coating material by hand. Practice shows that many secondary uses asphalt shot. In such cases, the sizes of pieces should not exceed 100h100h100 mm asphalt paving mixtures Fresh concrete overlay mixture is placed into the prepared card. Laying the mixture at patching done by hand. Alignment and seal coating sealing the laid asphalt laid cover with patching performed Plate compactors are in class and light equipment used mainly in areas inaccessible to rollers: around wells, in the narrow aisles, in the immediate proximity to the walls of buildings, patching and sealing the alignment of small card cover (1 to 2 square meters). There are lightweight (100 kg) and heavy (over 100kg) thickeners. . Heavy compactors are generally used for sealing soil, gravel and sand roads podsypku. Lightweight – for sealing small areas of asphalt coatings and for patching. Patching – the most important part of the operation of the road!

Classification Wallpaper

Types of wallpapers: classification and characteristics. What we know about the wallpaper? Yes almost anything if we do not take into account the fact that once you choose for your room wallpaper, we are with them and live for many years, nourished by their energy and raising the general vitality. It's true – when we go to bed or wake up in the morning, our eyes first of all boil down: No, not at her sleeping husband / wife / girlfriend / stranger / stranger, and most that are on our wallpaper. Therefore, they must choose wisely, slowly, so you do not feel all rest of their lives. After all, you never know when you have enough money again to repair? The fact that the wallpaper – it's the most traditional and long-known to all the finishing material. Well, for us this word means? A roll material, usually in Paper-based (but in some cases without), which is attached to wall surfaces with adhesive. With careful deeper into the topic, it appears that most of these wallpapers so many forms: scatter eyes while something will choose suitable, beautiful and comfortable.

Classification Wallpaper vodostoykocti: – free routine. Such ekzemplyarchiki not withstand water, they require only a dry rub (rub some contaminated areas with a cloth or processing of vacuuming, but without contact with the wallpaper brush) – waterproof wallpaper. These, by contrast, kept rubbing the less contaminated areas with a damp sponge or soft cloth without the use of detergents – washable wallpaper – maintain clean water and detergents; – Free high-resistant – vinyl. These are clear and can withstand all of the above even more. By type of surface: – plain wallpaper – wallpaper with a raised pattern, and applied to surface in the production process – from wallpaper squeezed a small figure – with a deep pattern wallpaper – multilayer.