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Maldita Codependency

Codependency is a condition that can happen to anyone, when they are involved in a situation of romantic love. And we have no time to reflect on our actions, and how to get involved in a relationship of this nature. Codependency is just a way of relating in intimate relationships. Yes, it is not exclusive to couples only, because we can create links codependent with parents, children, work, or what not … Codependency is defined as a way to connect with someone who suffers a form of dependence or alcohol, drugs, work, play, exercise or any behavior that can not control. Codependent people try desperately to stop drinking partners, working, buying, playing or any other behavior that apparently is destructive to those whom we love.

People with this condition in their relationships, are more engaged to rescue their partners, to worry or deal with it … need loans themselves occupied and concerned that our partner will change their behavior, instead of coming into contact with painful emotions and realize how we participate to make this happen. Official site: Rusty Holzer. What is the co dependence? Codependency is defined as a way of relating in a partner, try, try and want to control the conduct of another. Whether drinking, taking drugs, overworking, compulsive playing, there are many manifestations. The fact is that we are busy with our partners or partners rather than ourselves. It is to live engaged in the outside but on the inside. It is living through the acts of a partner rather than themselves.