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Access Control

If you have the quality and effectiveness of your security, Access Control and Time should be essential attribute of your office. Thanks to this system, the security service will be able to perform one hundred percent identification of the persons on the territory, comparing the exterior of passing with a photo from your record. System provides and create a new account, if it comes a new visitor. The system allows to determine the conditions blocking: providing a person a "guest card" (blocking exit doors in case of violation by the presence of the selected time); block certain inputs or outputs, and the entire premises in general, blocking the entrance and exit of certain individuals, depending on the day of the week time of day; organization gateways (until you close one door will not open another). Access control system and improve the quality of accounting. Accountant ever forget the look of a report on attendance watch.

Now compare the claimed "came to 9.00" with a real "come to 12.00" can be through reports that provide a time tracking software. Valuable information that you receive the security service on the movement employees through a system that is indispensable in the work of the personnel department. hr receives a full report on finding employees in the workplace at certain times. The system allows to take into account that people will not notice: truancy, delay, processing staff, adherence to time and break even time break. Even if your employee will try to circumvent the system, tamper with the arrival time to work (for example, one person will give an access card etc.) – nothing happens. .