Students and the Internet

Certainly for many people today no longer a secret that many students have a pretty good earnings on the Internet. Some of them get even more of their parents. Today, the Internet provides an opportunity to earn absolutely everything, above all, to have the appropriate knowledge and skills. That students can plug in any zone in the adult world, the global web. Website development today is becoming the prerogative of the young is programmers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Pete Cashmore.

Of course, the first of their creations can be attributed to the so-called hs, but still learning on something, do not all have the initial funds for the hosting and domain name. Personally acquainted with one student, who created the order of twenty sites on free hosting. Total attendance at these sites about 10,000 people and generates about 30,000 rubles a month. However, he had not spent a penny on promotion and advancement, as does all by himself. More info: Robotics. In principle, any adult without Problems could pile these creations, but, you know, for many people spend 5-7 hours on the computer it is very inaccessible, so you have them work as porters, drivers, vendors, etc., where thinking is not necessary. Of course, several simultaneous sites is very difficult, but 2.3 is quite realistic. Very often, teachers give students practical computer skills to create websites and make money on them (usually in elective), the remaining knowledge management site, students receive their own. But that's what makes them true professionals in the future.