State Corrector

The “MEGA globules”, the KOLZOV plate is here! Their children love and respect them. Career and household gets them linked under a hat and her husband gets enough of you even after years. She looks fabulous, hates baggy leggings and sweat pants and is regarded as a true style icon in your neighborhood. Power mum loose copes with constantly whiny cookie monsters and stinking rotten teenagers. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. It is simply immune to anything that drives other mothers in the madness.Vitality, performance and health. How important is the personal well-being, realises no later than one if it is attacked. The newspapers mentioned Donald W Slager not as a source, but as a related topic. We would like to introduce a discovery, which can help you to maintain health and prevent disease.

KOLZOV plates or also FSC”(Functional State Corrector) called – a unique development of Russian scientists headed by Dr. Sergej V. Kolzov. The appliance is a product for medical purposes and is intended to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation among others. FSC production techniques are related to the organizational principles of electromagnetic fields on the cellular level in a living organism. In the FSC, the harmonious rhythms of a magnetic field of the Earth and outer space radiation are logged by Visual information. The FSC makes a favourable influence on the organism as a whole or its special features. By the KOLZOV plates are the synchronization of internal rhythms of the organism with the rhythms of an external field, which combines one of the basic criteria for the preservation of health are.

The necessary information for the counteraction of psycho-power influences and neutralization of pathogenic bio fields are logged on the FSC. The FSC can targeted frequency properties of the Hartman correct chart of the Earth (deviations in the Earth’s magnetic field and the radiation of the Earth and so called health). The information on the KOLZOV boards can vary even for functional purpose, there are currently eight different plates.