Slack Ceilings

Before you decide, we have been studying the types of ceiling prices for them, but it is also important to know the technology they are installed, the advantages and disadvantages of each. The difference between various methods is to select fasteners. The cheapest technology – the so-called (ie canvas mounted in a profile with a glazing bead). This method is also very simple, and besides, if you fill the neighbors (alas, everyday thing), then you will be able to parse part of the ceiling to drain the water. Another important advantage of technology – a small loss of height. What is important for apartments in Soviet-built. As we have said, considering the stretch ceilings, the budget should be expect given the cost of installation.

The so-called wedge (or Dutch) technology best suited for cases where hard to align the wall. Installation cost will be more expensive, but the technology will allow you to realize the most complex designs and design ideas. And finally, the most sophisticated technology – harpoon. Here, hidden fasteners, and the method allows you to mount suspended ceilings in places to which it is difficult to get otherwise way (for example, over some unsupportable safe). This is the most time-consuming and expensive technology, but it provides the best fit, and in addition, a relatively easy disassembly in the event of flooding. Relatively recently appeared on the market, seamless stretch ceilings