Siedenburg King

exclusive badges made of aluminium – also with Magne nameplates systems Siedenburg – offer with the name plate aluminium digital select a high-quality optically and haptically badge indicating that receives a very exclusive appearance by his deposed chrome edge. The imprint of the logo is on a Matt surface, glare-free and by the special printing processes, the order is abrasion-resistant and even the finest gradients can reproduce. The name will be printed as well, can be designed with freely in font, size and color. A constraint, as for example with engraved nameplates, there in the nameplates used printing processes not systems Siedenburg. A possibility of the design is also the impression completely refrain from name, to subsequently applying the name locally with other labeling systems, or to use the high-quality name tag but only to identify the affiliation to the company. This name plate is used where it’s that extra occur, E.g. in the hotel and restaurant sector and also very happy at trade fairs at the stand personnel. A usage of the name plate in garages, Spa, banks and savings banks is frequently used as well.

This name tags with a needle, a magnetic clip (which is possible as extremely strong version) or with a combination of a needle and a clip is attached to. Made with your personal logo already from 1 St quick deliveries within a few days are possible. For more information the team at nameplates is them Siedenburg systems available. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Press contact: Nameplates systems Siedenburg INH. Matthias Siedenburg King coupling 11 24768 Rendsburg phone: + 49 (4331) 33 23 74 fax: + 49 (4331) 33 23 75 for many years we have been producing badges for end customers and resellers all over Germany and Europe. The focus is on the production of name badges, and buttons.