basic requirements for the accounting department puts the head of the company, and the reason for accounting services of outside organizations are distinguished by such great demand? To your questions and we will try to answer in our article. For more information see technology investor. But first, we define – what does the company staff accountant. In addition to the tax assessment and listing them in the budget compilation "of the primary," accounting for the duty and tax preparation seminars, to remember all the details of the power is not any man. Bookkeeping and tax needs of accuracy and timeliness. Find the perfect expert is quite difficult.

Not a reproach accountants will be seen, but reality of accountants some problems. That report is not timely provided, then again to update 1C requires programmers to call, it accounts for seminars and a subscription is required to pay, then leave during the annual statements needed or on sick leave. And because the head so full of troubles associated with technical and logistical issues. He was once involved in conflicts with tax and extrabudgetary funds or break entrust an external consulting companies, individually discussed the list of services and the cost of maintenance. Head, deciding to sign with the company accounting and trust accounting services, reasons are not economic activity. After making zero reporting them in any way needed, but have in the state because of this, an accountant – is economically inefficient.