Senior Executive Forum

UK & Ireland user group Conference shows datango at SAP understand how users with just a few clicks business applications Berlin, October 26, 2009 introduces a new enterprise software, initially often feel like a labyrinth users. Investor often says this. They wander inside the new applications and lose precious time. The datango performance suite (dps) helps them to take the right steps now. How it works, shows UK & Ireland user group Conference 2009 datango on November 23rd and 24th on the SAP in Manchester. The dps\”has been developed with a focus on the users of business applications such as SAP. Because only a software that can be used by users, is powerful.

The datango performance suite is therefore\”employees a virtual assistant to the page. As a mentor, he coaches the user through each step of the work. The tool can be operated intuitively and in real time to help call, if the user is not find your way with the new software. Up to 60% less poses Standard requests at the help desk, up to 40% less time for error processing and up to 90% cost reduction for Delta training. The dps’ supports SAP users worldwide the datango performance suite\”is already a central part of IT infrastructures by companies all over the world and the whole thing is brought closer their audiences year round on international events. Forms the end for 2009 the SAP UK & Ireland user group Conference. The Conference is considered the most important SAP-related event in the UK and Ireland.

It was developed by users for users and offers best practices, workshops, lectures and a networking dinner. New this year, the Senior Executive Forum is a one-day discussion platform for top managers. The event, which brings together SAP experts and leading industry representatives from Great Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe, focuses on the topics of education and SAP updates.