Seeking Collective Goals

The nature of the activity in the organization is evolving and changing depending on the environment increasingly dependent on technology (open systems) and not only by internal processes. In fact what makes the leadership of the organization is the environment (temporal, spatial, cultural, historical), the market, technology, services, open knowledge to a flexible format, according to the society in which it is immersed. Organizations tend to adapt to changes by modifying its activity and their organization of staff, with the division of labor and an option for it. The roles are played by people with specialist training and task-specific skills play the role that the organization assignation and representing, in general, how they are expected to perform that task. The role is usually set up jointly by exercising it, by the people who play the same role and by the third party whose roles interact. The role of each person fits into the whole organization and, in it, there are some different roles depending on others.

Each role is related to others and relates not only to work to be done, but also the style of behavior and relationships with others, attitudes and, sometimes, in the style of life outside it. The conclusion is therefore that an organization is generated by individual and collective interaction a interact with other, seek collective goals through interacting with their own individual goals. Although in my opinion would be very safe to say that all shared meanings are socially constructed.