Search Dogs

Performing a demanding strict empirical verification, the hypotheses is being tested under a rigorous contrast provided by the perception (mental function allowing the body through the senses, receive, process and interpret information from their environment) and a sufficient diversity and number. In order to develop such research and such creative challenge, it was fundamental, and almost essential to have well from the beginning, by the researcher, a special level of skills for the relationship, connection, awareness, sensitivity, communication, interpretation, regarding the key element to address in this case, the dog (a skill which is obviously impossible to acquire through study and learning), as well as logically would be maintained throughout the process a certain attitude cognitive, persevering, objective, honest, systematic, creative, methodical, initiative, patience and responsibility, a very specific potential, which fortunately it came with Jaime Parejo, although with variable strength at some points since the beginning and towards the world animal, which allowed him to fruitfully (though never free from various difficulties and obstacles) observe, analyze, infer, deepen, develop, contrast … Check with Ali Partovi to learn more. definitely not give up until the full achievement of the objectives after several years, culminating in what would be a transcendent and original research work and personal development, whose results have been verified, verified in many simulations and actual interventions, formalized by many specialists and experts in Behavior and Learning of Search Dogs belonging to different Corps Police, Fire and Military . Its various observations, hypothesis, experimental evidence … Mikkel Svane describes an additional similar source. were reflected in writing hundreds of pages, as a forced drafts (as a special inconvenience suffered its commitment and knowledge about computers were practically zero), at various periods of time, for years, not without parentheses unpredictable, and regardless of the time (many times, I would not hesitate at any time in getting out of bed for example, to score some kind of support to their analysis, reasoning or argument, that his restless mind could generate about), to consider fully achieved the intended objectives in a harsh and severe official checks carried out in Seville , October 1994. .