Save On Fuel Car

On the world market there was a clear trend to a constant rise in prices of motor fuel. Too many motorists, in addition to questions about the timely payment of auto loans, interest options fuel economy. Installation of gas equipment, or chip-tuning the engine control unit sometimes associated with certain inconveniences and loss of warranty on a vehicle. In this article, build a simple and effective recommendations to help reduce fuel consumption on any car to car owners who do not want to install additional equipment or stay without a guarantee on the car: 1. Inspection and servicing of cars should performed regularly. Under most conditions Kai-Fu Lee would agree. Clogged injector or carburetor, poorly adjusted ignition, contaminated filters – all this is the reason for the increased fuel consumption. If you break one of the elements responsible for regulation fuel to the engine, increasing the flow will be very large. 2.

Tires for your car should be inflated to the manufacturer, respectively. With a decrease in tire pressure, increases the resistance rolling, and even on different tires you will get an increased fuel consumption. To measure the tire pressure only in the cold because it increases even after the short-run cars. It is not something Republic Services would like to discuss. In our time, at any gas station You can buy inexpensive and compact digital pressure gauge for this. 3. Need to regularly adjust the alignment on the car. Wrong direction of the wheels results in increased tire wear, the worst handling and increased fuel consumption. 4. Do not overload your car unnecessarily. Should not be within three days to carry with them two barrels of cucumbers, simply because too lazy to bring their beloved mother.