Russian Quality

Mobility and functionality of the average workplace involves a written and computer tables, chair / stool and accessories. But this set varies depending on the functional necessity particular employee and his technical equipment of the workplace. Designers, designing office interiors, argue that the demands of their customers, representing various spheres of activity, not much different. Exceptions are places operatsionistok, cashiers, security guards and merchants. The most difficult task is also well-placed in small areas are necessary, given the rules of ergonomics and comfort user. The peculiarity of the transformation of premises in the office, so characteristic of St. Petersburg, determines the need for fitting in jobs in the so-called bird houses.

The advantage of today on the side low-cost modular structures. For example, 40 units of any modern series produced in Poland, Italy and France – is the basis for designing a small space. Help to address the area of economy and convenience workplace will be accessories, attached to the table: light fixtures, racks and shelves, height and location of which is easily adjustable, drawer for keyboard, as well as efficient use of surface of a wall or office partition. The modular principle behind the modern office partitions, providing new opportunities for the division of jobs and increasing the insulation. We add only that each job place to be completed according to individual needs of its user. The minimum quality of life of office furniture is an average of 5 years, depending on quality.

So figure the price at competent leader goes by the wayside. Unfortunately, the domestic industry is not ready to offer today soundly office furniture to order. The low price of Russian products is often attributed to its rapid loss and without unpresentable appearance. High style design and high quality products can provide a large Italian, French and German manufacturers. For their products, they use modern materials and high technology manufacturing.