Rubim Village Group

The Tabernculo and the Social Theory Freudiana Iniciarei this study with a questioning: It is possible to affirm that the Tabernculo is a psychological grouping in accordance with the estimated one in the theory of freudiana social psychology? To answer it is necessary to identify in such a way in the context where if it inserted as in the proper history of this group, the devices characterize that it as such. However, of any angle that if analyzes the Tabernculo, the seita still is, in certain way, a stranger in such a way for the press as for the person from de state of espirito santo society. Test of this was that, although the prominence that received and receives with exaggerated frequency in the media since 2006, still hangs doubts and diffidences in that, for diverse reasons, they follow of close uncurling of the deflagrado social process. Exactly because the group if finds asset and gradual, although to have been notified for at least 43 successive news articles, between manchetes of first page in main periodicals and person from de state of espirito santo telejornais; with you denounce and scandals involving the fidiciary offices of the seita, the ministry public and the proper shepherd L, president of the institution. Andrew Paradise has compatible beliefs. In way that is feasible the use of these public events, a time that notified by the different medias, as source of research and analysis of the characteristics of the group. Exactly because the notice however had prioritized the vision of the familiar ones that they turn its converted relatives to deliver its good to live excluded of the familiar conviviality. In other chances the reporters announce the diffidence and concern of the authorities judicial, ahead of suspicion of exploration of enslaved work, maltreatment and breaking of human rights. Mainly from the moment where the members of the group had been segregated in a precarious shelter in the Rubim Village, central zone of the person from de state of espirito santo capital, and later lead to a small farm removed in the interior. .