Roxio Easy Media Creator

This is an important question for the greater part of those who have video cameras. Even the digital cameras nowadays make small films apart from photos. You can simply put them on a CD or DVD to hand them to friends and family who have computers, but if you want to send a movie to your grandma and she has no computer, you have a problem. With the appropriate program, make DVD s for grandmother is not too difficult. Get the conversion program that works for you. None is perfect. Some conversion AVI to DVD programs can be easy and intuitive for you while that for others may be heinous and vice versa… the best way of finding the ideal conversion programme is download Internet copies of various program evaluation, test them, and then buy you better go.

However, I can not tell you what conversion program you will go better. I can only point out some places to start searching for. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. do an internet search to explore some of the options. Here are some other titles: Adobe Premier (and Premier Elements), Convert Genius, Magix, Nero, Pinnacle and Roxio Easy Media Creator. I, personally, have tried. I some love and some hate them. Council requests techno friends, relatives and co-workers. You can obtain a free evaluation copy and decide for yourself.

Do not you leave and let go 70 or more by a programme of conversion from AVI to DVD just to try it. Once spent, the money is gone. It is very unlikely you might get, once tested, you your money back if you decide that you don’t like the program. Some evaluation versions of AVI to DVD are cripple-ware. Cripple-ware means that some functions are disabled so that you do not know if the full version (of payment) works or not. Make an AVI to DVD program not 100% of the file is a way of limiting a trial version.