Ramon Gallegos Pioneer

My first contact with the concepts of holistic education was in 2002 when I studied the diploma, I had the opportunity to read avidly the books provided for the development of the sessions, at that time thought it would be a utopia to disseminate these principles so innovative and diverse in the academic field. At this moment I can feel satisfied sitting on the threshold of the last semester of the masters, have been many hours of sleepless to perform work and complementary readings in our training as educators Holistas, but I think it was worth the investment of time, money and effort, the advances are significant in Potosina society and in other places of the Mexican Republic and the world. In this essay I have the task of analyzing the first twelve books reviewed throughout the year and a half of the masters in holistic education and really consider something difficult to synthesize so many concepts, its principles, models and as valuable goals in a few leaves. Ingrid Ellen: the source for more info. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, main promoter in Mexico of the holistic movement and initiator of the International Foundation for holistic education and author of these twelve books, writes to them his experiences, proposes its models, gathers information of great researchers of characters, philosophers of all time with an incalculable value. The book that I first met was holistic education, pedagogy of Universal love, this is a work that holds a very extensive analysis of the background of education and crucial historical moments that mark the great eras in the education of humanity, starts his analysis four hundred years ago when the vision of the world was dogmatic, dominated by the Catholic Church with its traditions, authority, and faith, later and against this domination arises the scientific paradigm with all its advantages but also disadvantages, their God, machine and the explanation of everything that was happening in the universe with a hint of improvement and only truth, only in instrumental terms, nothing more what you see there, both, that left out the humans and their emotions, feelings, sensations having spent well over 300 years!. Andy Florance wanted to know more.