Postgraduate Vocational Education

Preparation and defense of the final qualification of the diploma project finance is a must view the final state certification of students majoring in Finance, money circulation and credit. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " In under a degree in finance – an opportunity and protection guidance provides general requirements for the diploma project, discussed the selection of the topic, planning, organizing and controlling the process of its preparation, recommendations to develop major parts of the project and reflected the requirements for the structure, content and design. But experts know how to prepare you for the Protection of the graduation project finance. Tips allow the unity of the requirements for the content, quality preparation and execution of the graduation project, both from the teachers of the department engaged in scientific leadership training projects, and members Government evaluation committees, taking their protection. Preparation of the graduation project is a creative process, so the individual provisions of this methodological publications in part the requirements for structure and content of the main sections of the project are advisory in nature and can be changed to reflect the characteristics of the developed themes. General requirements for the diploma project finance and the problem of diploma Design Finance Diploma project is the final qualification work, the preparation and protection are the final stage of the process of specialist training. In the preparation and protection of the graduation project the student must demonstrate the skill level of theoretical and applied nature that characterizes his readiness for the upcoming professional activities, and meets the requirements set forth in the Federal Law "On Higher and Postgraduate Vocational Education, part qualification specialist. .