Peter Drucker

Derivatives and leverage with inherent securitizao are part of financial markets, are instruments of risk management, not of speculation. They cannot be fought, but be stimulated with the regulation trying to always keep a balance. The excess of liberality and the lack of control of the FED mainly, with almost all certainty are the lies learned. My illations on the ciclotimia in the economy are there since 2003 when I had the chance to see with a friend of the sector the artificialidade in the prices of the assets. I find that it delayed until excessively the inflection for low, but now I feel myself more comfortable. Still we will have accomplishment of profits and volatileness in the stock markets, a point of contraction and acol and inflation here located, but the life follows and the economy with its natural forces continues inside of the new global environment where the premises of ' ' Blur' ' the technology will be part of our life, likes or not. We go to the thesis of Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer trusting the premise of the speed to fix the recent estragos. The others are part of the context and our allied.

Still I continue affirming that futurologia in the economy does not exist, but a logic yes. When Peter Drucker cunhou the term ' ' The age of the knowledge and the society of informao' ' in the decade of 60, it predicted the future with crises and vices, virtues and qualities. ' ' Blur' ' of 2000 it is showing its beddings, still well that now for better with the recovery and the return of the confidence. The speed of it I ruin done return in the ancestry of virtuous curve, until the next cycle at least. The correction of the route was made and between died and wounded some had been saved, unscrupulous speculators had gained much money, velhinhas and widowers had lost part of its economies, but all learn the lies, also the governments and the monetary and regulating authorities.