PCI Express

PC Express measurement cards with extensive software support for all popular programming languages. The new digital I/O pocketable of PCIe-200 series of Amplicon have a PCIe (x 1) interface and offer this much higher bandwidth, lower latency and lower power consumption than previous models-based PCI. To be developed to meet high performance standards, provide the various I/O cards high measuring accuracy of the PCIe-200 series and are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in scientific research, in the laboratory, in building automation, in the design validation, in the production, in general measurement technology and embedded OEM systems. The new PCIe-200 series includes three different models: PCIe-215, 236 of the PCIe and PCIe-296. Depending on the model, the I/O cards, 24, 48, or 96 offer programmable digital I/O lines including two 82C 54 counter/timers.

Optional terminal blocks provide isolated inputs and isolated Relay outputs available. The PCIe-200 series is compatible with the corresponding old PCI-200 series cards, and thus provides a cost-effective migration to PCI Express technology.