The emotions are integrant parts of the nature human being. Executives comment an mistake when ignoring the emotional elements of the enterprise behavior or to evaluate the behavior of the people with if it was a work of I diagnosis rational and logical entirely. If he cannot separate the emotions of the environment and of the work culture because we do not obtain to separate the emotions of the individuals, the executives that understand the paper of the emotions are always in the passage of improvements significantly of its capacity to explain and to foresee the behavior individual. The performance can be wronged through negative emotions, being this the most possible of the reasons for which organizations look for to eliminate the emotions of the work environment, but the emotions can improve this performance adding the will to make and to add the organization, the emotional effort recognize that the feelings are parts of the necessary behavior to the work, adding value thus the capacity to organize the emotions in positions of leadership. A form to classify an emotion is to define if it is positive or negative. Positive as happiness and hope, refusal as anger, hatred. We must remember that the emotions cannot be neutral, to be neutral is to be not emotional. The people if remember and reflect on .causing events of strong negative emotions, five times more than what they make in relation to on events the positive emotions.

The people give to different answers the emotional stimulatons identifications. Some times, this can be attributed the permanence of the individual. All surrounding he defines which is the acceptance degree on the emotions that can be demonstrated, that is, you use its perception and obtain to know that in that definitive place if the use of expressions can be adjusted. Two exist influence external, one of them is the organization and to another one it is the culture. Inside of an organization we can perceive clearly the expressions most appropriate for that local having. But nor always companies search a set basic of the emotions more yes search to diminish or to brighten up the negative emotions or that one very intense that mainly affect the image of the organization, an organization with negative reputation in the market in question of its attendance badly executed or expressions of I discourage consequently is that impression of diffidence and me the will, being thus he is well complicated to obtain the confidence again, and as the competitors also do not forget these events more are complicated. Thus we conclude that the emotions when they are controlled allow a good productivity, a welfare and a good relationship, capable to generate more loyalty and commitment with the work. Emotional intelligence allows that the people create an environment where if they feel well, insurances, motivated, satisfied and comfortable to face the required challenges the same its personal accomplishments front.