Operacion Triunfo

 It has come to light a new project that has developed Web 2.0 BBVA is Actibva, a community on the world of finance.

In Actibva we can find a blog with financial information, a section of press today with summaries and links with an aggregator blog where we talk about finances. You can comment on the news and you can vote (as in digg or meneame). Later it is expected that new content has as studies by the Bank itself.

The site has a community open to all people who want to participate proposing, discussing and voting on different items.

It is a very interesting project and if they do well, can become a reference site compulsory for those interested in finance and the economy. The first months of the project are essential to maintain a certain level of quality and loyalty to all those entering for the first time.

BBVA is a company that is betting heavily on the world of Web 2.0 is not the first initiative that has launched around the world. Click Robert Bakish to learn more. Retrieving data from some blogs, I found enough information on these projects and has the following chronology:

— October 06. It comes in 06 Operacion Triunfo ‘bluebbva, a blog targeted at young people and which publishes information on the contest. Today this project is ongoing with another look. (More info: Fernando Plaza)

— February 07. BBVA launched a network of blogs about music, soccer and travel. (More info: Loogic)

— November 07. BBVA creates a network of blogs? Blogosfera BBVA?, Is a platform for employees to assemble their own blogs. There are courses and organized Beers and Blogs. (More info: The Blog Salmon)

— December 07. BBVA Mystrands invests in the project, is a website about music and recommendations. (More info: Enrique Dans)

— December 07. The bank invests in the new digital newspaper soitu.es. (More info: Eye Internet)

— April 08. It announced the launch of the project Activbva developed by Weblogs SL.

I think that all too well testify to the interest of the bank for innovation in Web 2.0, and I would ensure that Actibva not going to be the last project where the bank blue is involved.

These projects are approaching him increasingly to a younger target audience, interested in the technology, practical and dynamic. We shall see if the other big banks react and also to launch Internet 2.0 world.