Online Education And Digital Divide Education

Digital Education is really coming along thanks to the U.S. military and IT spending in the context of adequate training. IT companies doing this training are in fact able to pass this technology to the private sector immediately and helping us with the digital divide. The United States Navy is trying many of the Internet-learning some of which we have discussed here on this site: Online Training U.S. Navy is very good, We are for schools. I have always supported schools: But we are in a new era and I really believe we can do more to educate our people faster and cheaper than ever if we use the tools of modern technology.

I support the ideas of Bill Gates on this subject, I believe in the strong commitment of the First Lady to education, I have always admired the University of PHX and its online program and I am very happy to see the bi-lateral support No Child Left Behind program. I fully 100% behind the efforts for this program to work and get back to past problems in education and move to the new era with these new tools. Glad to see that the U.S. Army is moving forward and being efficient with taxpayer money, to have more money for new ships and planes and research and development to stay strong and safe. Good measure, a great job on this. Is not it great when we can get everyone on the same page and promote the future of mankind to our destiny?