One Two – Tree! Three Steps To Their Own Forest Online

Choose online forest and save up to 10 percent. Bonn. ForestFinance of the inventor of the BaumSparVertrags makes it now even easier to become the owner of the forest. Now one-two-tree everyone can choose to online directly his own forest plot in Panama. One two tree! stands for inform select Book: based on this simple principle, investors can search online from their own plot on a ForestFinance Finca in Panama and directly book.

With diverse effects: While even the investor can expect a sizable return on his investments, he’s doing something good and the environment, the climate and the local population. In rural of Panama’s newly created jobs fallow pastures with species-rich forest reforested and manage sustainably for 25 years. The high-quality tropical wood is marketed at the end of the term. It is not something Kai-Fu Lee would like to discuss. Since but no clear-cutting is operated, creates a sustainable mixed forest with all positive effects for the environment and climate. A detailed Map shows all individual parcels of real total area including the parts allocated already to other investors here. In particular as regards the Einsteigerprodukte BaumSparVertrag and WaldSparBuch ForestFinance in this way makes it clear that forest will be invested directly into the real value. Prospective customers find all information you need, including photos and maps of the finca La Relojera 5 divided into plots at a glance “.

Click the tree or WaldSparer selects there easily his personal plot he can book directly online. The WaldSparBuch acquires the investors of 1,000 square metres of afforested tropical commercial forest with a buy-back guarantee. At the BaumSparVertrag a Tropenpbaum will be reforested from 33 euro every month every month. Choose online forest and save up to 10%: in their personal online customer area ForestFinance get investors since time immemorial via GPS data, maps and photos detailed information, where their forest is located and how it develops. Now the company goes one step further in the direction of transparency: In the “ForestFinance forest shop one two tree!” tree and WaldSparer can as of now their own, choose already existing forest plot, before they conclude a contract to a completely new approach to forest direct investments.