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We provide warranty and after sales service we have acquired the equipment, train your staff to work with equipment based on the company's offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Simferopol, Lvove.Vakuumnaya packaging has many positive effects, the main of which are so appreciate the producers and consumers – is a significant increase in shelf life of products. This important feature gives manufacturers the opportunity to significantly increase the volume of production has little or limited shelf life, for example, products such as cooked sausage, fish, meat, deli meats, etc. Due to 'packing' and 'cut' can also significantly increase sales volumes. The company offers a PKI Technology large range of equipment for cutting and preparation of semi-finished meat products: slicers, (including semi-automatic), meat grinders, saws for cutting the frozen portion of meat and fish and t.d.Novoy step in development of packaging technology has become a vacuum packing in modified atmosphere, which allows qualitatively improve the appearance of such "difficult" products such as fresh meat, meat cutting, stuffing, etc. Advantage Packaging is a significant increase in shelf life, package itself does not touch the top of the product, the product is not deformed. Packaged foods are not so dry, retain their vitamins, natural qualities, smell, taste and color, and the portions are easily separated, and most importantly – preserve the appearance (bright red, for beef), do not turn yellow or darken with no preservatives.

The cost of this package little different from the normal vacuum, if your machine is additionally equipped with a vacuum packaging system in the modified gas sredu.Sravnitelno great shelf life of food products can transport them over long distances while retaining the properties that were previously virtually impossible (unless you take into account the freezing of products, which is not conducive to the preservation of their properties). Producers were able to sell more of their products without fear of return due to damage to the product due to its small storage period, ie losses associated with it are minimized. In turn, this lead and reduce transport costs to ship products to retail outlets. Sometimes sales can grow in a very large range from 40% to 100% or even more.