Noveau Roman

As we have seen in Campedelli (1994) the accumulation of for minors on physical states and soul causes the desestruturao of narrative. Coming back a little in the text we have a quarrel that in he sends the metafico to them, where the author-narrator rationalizes on artistic making, of its tasks to fulfill and derrepente he starts to speak of as it feels itself causing, thus, the desestruturao of the narrative. The narrator in Soul-of-Cat displays its states of soul in some stretches as we can see in what he follows. Soul-of-Cat (2008, p.78): What it passes for me is an underground river that I do not know and in whose waters I do not obtain – nor knows if I must? to dive. A river that run submerged and without stopping exactly in the unconscious one of my unconscious (…) River of me, invisible and wild incognito and.

Internal, sultry river. I hear the racket of its waters convulsas. The stranger. That ghosts, specters swim in this river, drink of its waters? After-modern literature is express here, a constructed literature on the basis of the spalling, visa to understand that the world diverse and is broken up. The desestruturao of the romance if of the one from the moment that the text if becomes broken up with incursions of intimistas or interior speeches, that is, when a pause in the narrative becomes, since the plot inexists at this new literary moment.

Regarding noveau roman the narrator displays in them to the new to make literary and it places in them along with what it would be this new technique narrative of not saying nothing to say everything. Soul-of-Cat (2008, p.82): The romances that do not count history (recent thing) have as reference counting – history, since if it opposes to them. Case of the Noveau Roman. Of the colloquy to the foot of the fire to the cerebralismo of the NR, a long passage, an infinite variety of narratives: each romance is only.