Net Electric Energy

This article approaches the connection to the Internet for the net of electric energy. One is about a new technology, but that it comes being studied it has many years and recently it only offered resulted satisfactory in its practical applications. This technology comes being successfully tested in some residences in the parents and exterior. With the improvement of this technology and exceeding the barriers that will appear in the way, it will be able to revolutionize the connection to the Internet. The connection saw net electric will provide ample digital inclusion, making possible that all the houses that possess electric energy have a connection of quality to an accessible cost. He will be boarded also in this article the beginning of functioning of this new emergent technology, its limitations, empecilhos and also to detach its viability to be implanted in the residences, companies and too much localities. Word-Key: BPL.

PLC. Electric. Internet. Net ABSTRACT This article discusses the connection you the electrical Internet through power grid. This is new technology, but that has been studied will be many years and only recently gave satisfactory results in practical applications. Several This technology has been tested successfully on homes in the country and abroad. With the im-provement of this technology, and overcoming barriers that arise along the way, it could revolutionize the connection you the Internet. To power line connection will provide wide digital inclusion, enabling all households having electricity connection have quality at an affordable cost.

Also discuss in this article the working principle of this new emerging technology, its limitations, ob-stacles and also highlight its feasibility you be deployed in homes, businesses and to other locations. Keywords: BLP. PLC. Electric. Internet. Network. Multiplexing. 1.INTRODUO the idea of if using the half existing physicists already in the electric net for transmission of data for power lines is being conceived has much time.