Mobile Phone And Health .

At the beginning of 2010, according to official statistics in Russia mobile communication uses about 160 million subscribers, although its population is only 140 million, and subtracting from this the children who still just do not able to use cell phones, it turns out that each person has 1.1 telephone per person. Naturally, not everyone enjoys several phones, but at least one uses 99% of the population. and certainly over the last few years, every one of us asked about the dangers of mobile phones on human health, especially considering how much information on this topic can be found in Internete.

No what’s on actually happens to those people who use mobile phones for several years and every day under the influence of electromagnetic fields. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dermot McCormack. Mobile operators claim that everything is normal and the level of radiation from a mobile phone is so negligible that it is not worth paying for all this attention. Contact information is here: Energy Capital Partners London. World Health Organization states that still require a whole bunch of studies that only after 5 – 10 years will be given at least some reliable results. Scientists from various institutions have also conducted various studies put forward a hypothesis, but documentary evidence have not received them. And of course there is a logical question – why can not prove harmful or innocuous cellular svyazi.Na actually quite simple. In order to cause any more or less serious disease a person must use a cell phone for several years, but still speak on it regularly. But during this time, any study can get something that could theoretically cause harmful electromagnetic radiation device. How does all this test and prove that yes, it is called cell problem. Yes in any way. More precisely it is theoretically possible – it is necessary to take two identical people (preferably close to genes) that will be for a few doing the same thing (live in one apartment, there’s one meal, go to the same job, etc.). And for complete confidence to spend at least several hundred such experiments. Otherwise hardly anyone would believe your research.