Media Merchants

Starbucks is, without doubt, the example to be followed by thousands of businesses, they do not stop when it comes to attracting customers and, best of all, keep them. The best known strategy, and which characterizes them, is giving Wi-Fi (believe me that they have saved many bloggersde Hipertextual when they have no connection) and as addicted to caffeine that we, Wi-Fi + coffee = happy Geek is the perfect combination to have a productive day. As I told you, don’t stop. Now show us that they continue looking for ways to attract customers using currently has captivated people, touch screens. A couple of Starbucks in Vancouver and Toronto have put touch Windows so that people who are outside the establishments can stroll by the latest offerings. The technology is driven by The Media Merchants and is composed by a screen of vinyl, a projector and support for multi-touch gestures. Not there is much to say about this, it is simply a way to attract clientele and attract attention (there is no doubt that he will do it). In the nights should be a show would be inevitable pass and not be aware of what you are offering in the local. As discussed, the campaign will be extended until 26 February of this year.