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Currently in demand: the Stuttgart mCon solutions content specialists to worry to the digital signage in Germany mCon solutions is a young company that deals with digital advertising with digital signage and asserts itself in a rapidly growing industry with a highly motivated team. At a time when worldwide so rapidly progresses in the development of modern technologies, we need specialists who are always one step ahead,”as Martin Elsner, the Marketing Director. Therefore we attach particular importance to the training of our young people.”mCon solutions offers young people the possibility of an internship in the field of marketing. Thus we have the possibility to consult our specialists even for this individual market. By we accompany the young from the outset to the end of the study, we can be sure to strengthen our team with skilled manpower”emphasizes Jurgen Monch, Managing Director of the company. Nico Nitsche, an intern at mCon is 21 years old, at the time solutions. He was asked recently about his experiences in the professional environment and to his professional plans.

They are Mr Nitsche, now since mid-October at mCon solutions. How did you find on mCon solutions and why even an internship? I searched specifically in the field of new media. On the Internet I stumbled for the first time on digital signage and have targeted then for a company in my area wanted. What do you understand digital signage including? Directly translated, the word means digital signage player”. In short, it is the electronic representation of information. Digital posters, screens that show changing information divided into different areas.

This can be a combination of corporate films, company information, web-based data, such as weather or news. The content is planned together with the customer by mCon and created and specially tailored for the target groups to be reached. What tasks do you have at mCon solutions? I’m that worked here in the field of marketing and content means I support especially the colleagues in the creation of multimedia content for digital signage applications, verification of customer systems, image editing with Photoshop and assume other smaller tasks. What do you like best at mCon? The combination of technology and marketing. But also the pleasant working atmosphere. Well, I like it to work in a young and motivated team and to gain insight into the multifaceted tasks. What are your other professional plans? For the summer semester 2009, I hope to get a place at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. I would like to study media design and information design. Should this not work, there is still the possibility, firstly a training you need as to make media designers, what requirements should? A proficiency with PC is important in any case. At least basic knowledge in various programs such as Photoshop and Flash are beneficial. Mr Nitsche, please complete this sentence: in twenty years Digital signage… u0085 a globally integrated media his and exactly to the everyday life including television and using the Internet.