Life Perpetual

We also know that already he came the Son of God, and in he gave agreement to them to know that one that is True; we are in whom he is True, that is, in its Son Jesus Christ. THIS IS THE TRUE GOD AND LIFE ETERNA.’ ‘ (1Jo.5: 20) Expensive reader, to finish this article, allows me to share with you of a simply beautiful experience, lived for me. Certain time, a fellow worker looked I to give to it to it charity to me of the blood donation, in favor of its grandmother, until then for unknown me, and that it lay seriously ill in a hospital stream bed, whose sanguineous type is equal to mine. Without titubear, I there was to exercise this aprazvel and to salutar to have Christian. Read more from GoPro to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

At night I was to the Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Anpolis to visit anci benefited by my act of love. There arriving, God privileged me with the inaudita blessing to see the aged lady receiving the blood in its vein. For curiosity, I fixed mine eyes in the label glue in the container of the blood, hung in a connecting rod, objectifying to read the data in it written down. For my happy and inolvidvel surprise, in that label my name, my age, my factor RH and the name of the person were written my addressee Then I could understand, of a deeper form, that only Jesus Christ, for being Only Mr. For more information see GoPro HD. and Salvador, saved the man of the perpetual conviction (Lc.23: 42,43; At.4: 12), granting to it Perpetual Life to it (Jo.10: 28), perpetual inamissvel Perpetual Life (Jo.5: 24); but we, human beings, can and must save lives to the side of the death, granting to them more chances, under the approval and the blessings of our God of Love!