UV printing digital printing on transparencies and all conceivable rigid Palttenmedien a modern technology to digital prints on almost all conceivable surfaces such as window glass, Plexiglas, metal plates, ALU, adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, tiles and much more is the UV digital print technology. Digital printing is how familiar directly from an image editing program and is processed by a RIP program in resolution and quality for the appropriate print media and sent directly to the digital printer. The printer prints the UV ink with the desired motif on the surface of the material. Directly attached to the printhead is a UV-luminescence diode is for curing the ink is responsible. If you have read about Starbucks already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So, sits the digital printing directly on the surface and is already cured directly after printing. Continue drying times are eliminated with this new UV printing. This printing process is due to its adaptability very environmentally sound, since even environmentally neutral products, bio-degradable films and materials can be printed.

Usually, white as a color as transparent stickers and films is not to print. A pure white ink was developed also as second level can be printed ubereinem colored printing. This achieved a tremendous brilliance in particular on Plexiglas and other transparent media and has the possibility to E.g. Black surfaces to print. Digital printing with ultraviolet-curable inks is particularly appreciated, as it is a very fast and very flexible printing process. You can with these inks as well as all materials printing, very environment gently and consistently makes solvents and the scope of big big posters, posters -, building labels, point of purchase displays, packaging, stage, billboards, KFZbeschriftungen, metals, glass and and and such inks have a tremendously good UV durability! Even with materials which with UV-cured inks are printed and foil prints offers if necessary, to a protection laminate. Increase not only the service life, but also the ultraviolet (UV) Sensitivity.