Jota Mario Valencia

Carolina Cruz was born June 12, 1979 in Tulua, and is today the models and presenters most prosperous of Colombia. In the year of 1999, model Carolina Cruz participated in the national beauty pageant (Miss Colombia) where represented the Department of Valle del Cauca, being a favorite since the beginning of the contest by the public and the press. Carolina Cruz lost the title against the senorita Cundinamarca ESE then Catalina Acosta, staying in the post of virreina. After the contest, Carolina Cruz, continuing my work as a model and began the presentation of television programmes of the hand de la programadora Jorge Baron TV. Kai-Fu Lee often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Carolina Cruz link in 2001 to the RCN as presenter of shows such as commands and subsequently in the celebrity of the news section. The name of Carolina Cruz became more popular after presenting for a long time very good morning program days next Jota Mario Valencia and Yaneth Waldman; It was there where Carolina Cruz became all a celebrity and is He returned in one of the models more relevant of the Colombian farandula. The output of the program very good morning Carolina Cruz originated by their participation in the reality show bailando por un Sueno in which Carolina him given the title of winner. Carolina Cruz believe their own accessories company called Carolina Cruz sole company, and in turn launched Carolina Cruz jewellery and accessories stores.

Carolina Cruz was also presenter of programmes such as change end 3, illusion, magic and Humor. Currently, presents the RCN newscast and the new reality entertainment section blind date. Carolina Cruz is ranked as one of the best models and Colombia celebrity presenters, was winner in 2008 of novels and the TV Award as best presenter, title repeated in 2009.